8 thoughts on “First bath

  1. Hi Maggey and Dave,

    I just got this website address from your Mom last night Maggey and I am having a ton of fun looking at the videos and reading your blog. Tess is the dearest little girl……for a tiny little thing she is sure alert and bright…..Those big brown eyes (at least that is what they looked like to me) and her little mouth…..I am sure she is already smiling the way her mouth curved up……..I am so happy for the two of you to have this precious little bundle in your life, and I am so happy for Baby Tess to have such two doting parents, who are showering her with such love and attention…..She is a lucky little girl……
    I have to imagine this last month has been a roller coaster, but it sure looks to me that baby AND parents are doing GREAT…….The Pacifier video made me cry…..Dave is so sweet with Tess….how she looks at him is so special……
    Congratulations to you all three of you……you all will be in m prayers and thoughts. (Ted’s also)……
    Lots of love,
    Mary Kellner

  2. Just wait until she is feeding herself. The fun of bath time is just starting. Then there is also when she learns how to splash back. I am so happy for you to. The videos are great.

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