First babysitter!

Well, today was the day! Tess slept a straight 4.5 hours last night, which was delightful but threw us for a loop to say the least. Then it was wedding madness. My phone decided on its own that all of my appts needed to be advanced an hour, so there was significant dashing around when that was discovered!

Dave’s suits got buried during the construction, so we go a little creative – but he looked quite dashing! Colin helped me break into my sealed-off closet for ties for both boys. Dave ran off to pick up the csa, so I fed Tess before I could get ready. The babysitter showed up and had to let herself in because we have no bell at the moment and I didn’t hear her knocking. She’s figured us out already! Debbie seems great, and sent us a picture of snuggly Tess by the time the service ended. We like her a lot.

Also, the babysitter thing was not as scary as I was afraid it would be. Tess has no monitors, no flow devices for her bottles, no medicine – she’s just a picky eater who likes to blow bubbles instead of swallow. Debbie’s a NICU nurse, like the ones who taught us to feed her in the first place. So, no worries!

The wedding was beautiful, and Becca and Albert looked gorgeous. Dave and I were beaming happy for them, and love seeing weddings as it reminds us how happy we are to be married! After a caffeine pit stop, we headed off for a night of reveling with family and friends. If we’re spending a night away from Tess, this is worth it!

We got tons of family time, dancing, socializing and fun at the wedding. It was in a cool spot with a food band and we even danced! Also, I have the coolest siblings and cousins in the world. Never mind the fact that we pooped out around 10:30 – it was awesome. What’s better than a night with fame and friends? Going home to our daughter.






One thought on “First babysitter!

  1. Love her Throne! When I come to visit, she may have to fight me for it! lol – ok, fine… I’ll share!

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