Father’s Day

Hi. This is Dave.

When we first started this blog, we were looking down the barrel of time, wondering where it would spit us out, wondering where Tess would be by this time, and we dared not think too long on it. At that time, we started this post.

Today is Father’s Day, but more than that, it is the day that Tess was slotted to enter this world. While she came early and surprised us all, today she is healthy, happy and home. Her journey is her own, and we would have had it no other way.

To Tess, thank you for being you. To all of you, thank you for your support. We can literally say, we would not be here without it.

Today has been great! It started with Maggey stealing the 7am feeding from me and letting me pass out! When the silken caress of sleep let me go, we had a leisurely brunch with Uncle Sam, waxed poetic about the cuteness of Tess, comparing her to the T-Rex and how her little arms and wailing complaints were very appropriate. Sam made the comment that she was the littlest Oplinger, ever! Too cute.

Maggey lent me my dudehood for the day by getting me an awesome set of tools, complete with a work bench and a promise to carve out a space for it in our oh-so-far-from-redneck world! Best wife ever!

Today is simply awesome. 🙂












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