Family and baggage

Today started with one of my favorite rituals: brekkie at Alterra, our local coffee shop. I remember going there and wistfully staring at strollers full of whimpering toddlers. Today, I wheeled Tess up the ramp, oddly conscious of the lookseven in a cafe full of kids. We talked to a mom due with her second child while her son waved at Tess, and chatted with the grandpa next to us about his granddaughter while Tess got fussy and fell asleep. I don’t think I’ll ever get over how dramatically we swung from infertile and sad to joyful and tired. It’s like having scar tissue in your smile muscles; you’re always grateful for the ability despite the initial injury.

After a whirlwind weekend of family, friends and food, we spent Sunday as a family at home. Yesterday we made an insane amount of tiny portions of baby food to freeze, and I stocked the fridge for Dave’s sojourn as a single parent. Today we packed, hung out with Tess soaking up all the baby time we could! Mom and some friends stopped by, but it felt great to just be home and domestic.

It’s interesting how differently I feel about going to the translator’s conference this year than last year. Last year, we were just starting paperwork, gearing up to dive into the adoption process. This year, we’re leaving our adorable nugget with Sassy for her own travel adventure. The idea of a few days of intense learning and time with Dave is always fun, but man! This trip is going to feel like an eternity – and I’m not even talking about the China part.

Tess has been at her cutest this week, grinning when we walk into the room and snuggling into us before falling asleep. It’s making it even harder to pack up and go. We’re so used to the nannies coming here, I forgot that we have to pack her. Tomorrow, squash, formula, cereal, crib, swaddle, diapers, the works need to head up to mom’s. Thank god we’re not dragging all of that through the airport Tuesday morning! Even so, the trepidation is growing.

Happy end of the weekend to everyone! I hope you all feel as ‘Sunday’ as we do today.

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  1. Love this storybook! Love the characters but most especially tiny Tess…the girl who draws us all into her heart and life through those pretty wonderful parents she’s been training all of these months! Love love! Can’t wait until we get to play this week! Hugs! Sassy

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