Our sweet little kiddo just passed her eye exam! Her ROP is gone and her eyes are so close to mature that the doctor said she counts it as done. We don’t go back for a year! We are so extremely excited to be done with the niggling worry and the awful eye exams. Tess has thrown another milestone over her shoulder and keeps striding forward. Love!

After a fitful night’s sleep and a lot of crabby baby time, I headed off to work while Dave got Tess ready for her important date with the dr. I’m pretty sure both our days passed in a haze of exhaustion and relief.

These are the days people warned us about – the parent zombie days where you can’t quite pull it together. Speaking intelligently today was impossible – like English was a foreign language. I’d get part of the way through a sentence and realize there was no way for me to finish it. Functioning required extra effort, even little things like concentrating on billing properly. That goes for Dave too, I’m pretty sure. I’m sure it will eventually be really irritating to try to get through hazy days, but for the moment it still has this ‘normal new parent’ flair to it that leaves me content: a quiet reminder that I’m a mom, and all the fatigue in the world is okay because I get to be Tess’ mom.

Added bonus? We met the most incredible nanny today who agreed to work part-time and be Tess’ nanny! Rachel just got back from France, where she worked as an au pair. She was just as eager to find a family looking for French-speaking child care in Milwaukee. As Tess gets older, I can’t wait to hear her comments on Rachel’s lyonnaise accent versus my Canadian one. 🙂

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