Eye disappointment

Well, Tess is still eating like it’s going out of style but she’s not growing her eyes! We’re still in zone 3 with no sign of change. The doctor says not to worry, but we do anyway. There’s a chance she’d need eye surgery, but only if nothing happens in the next ten weeks – hence the lack of concern. Still, we hold our breath every time, hoping its her last exam. They’re HORRIBLE!

I was at the office today, and it was a bit of a roller coaster. One guy complained about me, but then his boss and his boss’ boss complimented me publicly. I may have been a little flustered from all commentary. Still, I’m surprisingly happy at the office. It’s these moments of clearly designated time that make my Tess time even more valuable. So to follow up an office day with a lovely evening with Dave and Tess at home was pretty perfect. More CSA cooking and cuddling while watching young martial arts students in the park: love!

We’re looking forward to a night with my brothers and sisters tomorrow. We can finally introduce Tess to her aunts and uncles! Mom and dad are now both sick, so we’ve totally missed this family visit. Tess’ medical lockdown won’t last forever though, so we can be patient. The surge of pride we feel when sharing her with our inner circle is addictive. Just imagine what we’ll feel like when she can actually join the whole world!

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