East side, North shore

We started the day with a nanny interview fail. A potential caretaker set a meeting time for this morning and then bailed half an hour before she was set to come by. I’m glad we found someone we like and can afford, but trying to fill in the gaps is proving a challenge. 4 more potentials to go!

As we were up and functioning, we went to enjoy a little sunshine at a favorite neighborhood cafe before it got too hot or populated. Stella came with. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of strolling the neighborhood with my husband, dog and daughter. Swing sets, sidewalks, sunshine and smiles. I sound cheesy, but this is living the dream.

We wrapped the day up with dinner at my brother Adam’s. Seeing him and his family, talking baby stuff with Brigid and seeing our amazing nieces and catching up with my sister Micaela was the best start to a week I could envision. Also, I wish I’d taken a picture of Adam’s smoker. It looks like a small train and produces some of the best BBQ I’ve ever had!

Grace, our goddaughter, hasn’t seen Tess since we first got back from Utah. She was so cute tonight: she’d tiptoe across the room until she was about 5-6 feet from Tess’ stroller and could just see her asleep inside, and would then shoot back across the room to her toys – so she wouldn’t wake her up. When Tess would cry, Grace would freeze and go, “Baby Tess is crying!” to her mom or I. Adorable. I love knowing that Grace is so into her younger sister/cousins, as it means Tess will have someone to look up to as she grows – despite being our first. Besides, Grace will literally keep her jumping!



3 thoughts on “East side, North shore

  1. Still reading and keeping up-to-date on you guys:) Glad that you are doing well and enjoying the summer. Can’t wait to catch-up in person, but my snot faucets will be kept away from that precious nugget until she is good and ready:)

  2. I love seeing your updates. Tess and Rachel (full term on 4/5) have many differences, but they also have many similarities. It’s fun to hear about the milestones.

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