“Did you grab the bunnies?”

We had a lovely Sunday at Sassy and Poppi’s, seeing family and watching the kids bomb around in the yard. They took their afternoon nap there and we stayed for a robust family dinner. Around 8, the kids seemed tired. We said our goodbyes, packed up and headed home, knowing we’d arrive at our house just in time to tuck the toddlers in before meltdown time.

As we climbed the stairs, Tess chirped,


(bunny?) and my heart stopped. Where were the bunnies? As I turned to Dave in horror, I calmly asked if he’s picked them up on our way out the door. Alas, no. The kids’ bunnies were still on the bed at mom’s house, half an hour away.

We did everything in our power to fight the lovey addiction, and Remy’s doing well. He loves his bunny but doesn’t freak out without it. Tess, on the other hand, is besotted with her Lapin. Technically, with one paw. She’s also got to have her butterfly from Sassy and her elephant named Lurpy from Kat and Spencer. (Yes, Lurpy’s her most recent must have!)

So we roll into the kids’ room with heavy hearts, and Tess proved us right!

Lapin? Lapin?

We proffered the tiger – same stuffed animal, different stripes – kept hidden as an emergency backup. She threw it on the floor. We lightheartedly told her Lapin was getting a bath at Sassy’s and would be in her bed when she woke up. Nothing doing. We read an extra story, listened to two music box cycles (her latest obsession), and turned out the light. On the monitor, we watched her wide-open eyes glow in the dark. Dave headed back to Sassy’s as fast as he could!

The good news? Tess did not lose it. She ended up falling asleep. She just looked so lost that we felt terrible! Lapin was by her side within the hour, and mom and dad have been schooled. Bunny on board at all times!

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