Detachment in parenting

I read an article last week that called for detachment at we shape our littles. My first reaction was,

seriously?! How’s a person supposed to manage that?

Then I read farther. The author pointed out how hard it is to step back and let kids learn on their own. We have this idea that parent involvement is critical, but I think it’s parental presence. we watched our kids entertain each other, practice being kind (and unkind!) to each other and explore together. My new favorite words?

S’il te plaît, Remy?

Ridiculous. And adorable.

Detachment means observing, advising, setting barriers and letting them figure it out. It’s hard. And I agree with the author: it’s critical.

All preaching aside, detachment isn’t my forte – it smells like patience. Detachment is also needed as one progresses through the steps of an adoption. We have a maybe baby – probably nothing. And yet, my brain is exploding. Only in adoption could you progress from thinking about adoption again to wondering if a potential birthmom is looking at your photo and saying,

That’s them!

in under two months. Remind me of the premature nerves in a year when we’re still waiting! See? Detachment. Works everywhere, right?

One thought on “Detachment in parenting

  1. That video is too stinkin’ cute!

    Poor Stella looks like she’s wondering why she doesn’t get let out of *her* cage. But don’t worry, Stella! Remy will master that trick soon!

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