Because we didn’t have enough going on this week, Tess’ developmental check-up was yesterday. We’ve had some concerns since seeing the pediatrician, and sure enough – she’s a little behind. No one seems overly concerned, but we collectively want to nip it in the bud and help her get back on track. We’ve got new exercises and more importantly, direction on how to encourage her development. For example, just supporting her from her hips instead of under her arms will help her develop more stability. Making her kneel and not letting her stiffen her legs will help fight that preemie posture that’s holding her back from crawling. With lots of tidbits like that, we’re staring down the barrel of some productive play for a long time to come. Fortunately, the delay is minor. And who knows? If I’m taking full maternity leave due to a NICU stay, Tess and I may be able to blow past those milestones when I’m not with her brother. Maybe a concentrated month of family time will end up benefiting both of our kids. Here’s hoping.

Still, after watching her and working with her today on the new exercises, she seems to pick stuff up fast – even rolling over on the hard side by herself! Dave and I think she learns quickly, she just doesn’t instinctually progress through some of these steps. This makes for very rewarding parenting as she progresses quickly with some guidance.

In happier news, we’ve done some research into the Florida medical setup. I remember worrying about the hospital in Salt Lake, and how relieved I was to find out what a great facility they have – never mind the incredible nurses! So I immediately thought,

There’s no way the Florida hospital will be as good.

I’m such an optimist. K picked a hospital with a level III NICU, the best care you can get. The maternity services have won 5 stars in HealthGrades for 6 years in a row, putting them in the top 5% nationwide. If we have to do this, at least we’re working with the best.

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