Day 78

Today was a good day. We’re tired, but I don’t see that going away anytime soon! I think my hope of a weekend departure has been defeated by logic, which actually made today and the coming days less excruciating. I’m getting a little patience back. That’s also thanks to you guys and your support! We can hang in there.

Tess took at least 75% of all of her bottles for the whole day, so we’re all crossing our fingers that she’ll get through the requisite 2 tonight. Then we’re on protocol 4, the last stage she has to pass! Counting our chickens before they hatch, I know going from 75% by bottle 6 times a day is not the same as 100% 8 times a day. Still, day 2 of baby sleeping and eating and pooping, the way she’s supposed to. Awesome!

We weren’t sure when we’d be leaving and we won’t have many of our primaries for the next few days, so we had a preemptive going away dinner. Not everyone could make it, but we had a great time. These nurses and nurse practitioners are just incredible, and are making the thought of going home a teensy bit bittersweet. So we stayed up too late hanging out and enjoyed every minute!

We’ll be here for day 80, and maybe even day 85. That’s okay. It’s a matter of days now, and those months of time are behind us. Tess is a magnificent little girl, and we would do anything to keep her safe and happy and healthy. Waiting, surrounded by friends here and knowing our friends and family are ready for us at home, is so much more than a lot of families have to look forward to. I’m feeling very, very lucky.

4 thoughts on “Day 78

  1. You and Dave are incredible! And your Tess is such a love! You are so close to being done with the NICU…it can be a draining and exhausting place and you have embraced it all so well. You are such a beautiful family and I am so happy for you!

  2. Take a deep breathe. If it takes time, it takes time. Babies and Tides, have their own clocks. She’s a fantastic little nugget who you want home with you, but you want to be absolutely certain she’s A OK before you leave :).


  3. So so happy you have such great people taking care of Tess and parents in the NICU!!!

    >>>and I’m still waiting for the Rockstar Nurses’ book of fame and flashbacks<<< They should have like center-fold questionnaires and photo shoots and everything! hehe! I don't know why, but I am just hell-bent on being able to see and know these amazing ladies who have been such a positive force in your lives during this momentous time!

    Tess's Team of Triumph . . . thank you for all you do for our beloved little nugget!!!

  4. Maggey and Dave,

    Dan and I just had a tour of your home and the renovations that are awaiting you and Tess. Your mother is moving mountains and creating the most beautiful home for you to bring Tess home to. It is beyond beautiful and seeing the room that will be this precious little girl’s is so exciting. I so remember the eleven weeks that Doug was in the ICU or a hospital room and wondering if we would ever get to have a normal life again. And YES we did and as frightening and awful as those long weeks were they gave me a gift of appreciation that has now lasted 30 years. Hang in there, I promise this too will pass!

    Love, susie

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