Day 77

Today started inauspiciously with Dave getting a speeding ticket from a very nice but no-nonsense cop. Sigh. We’re normally fairly chipper in the mornings, but the sour taste of dread has infiltrated. Yes, this sounds melodramatic. Still, the NICU staff say we’re holding up surprisingly well. This is apparently the hardest part of the NICU voyage – waiting: extreme version! We wait with bated breath for regular bowel movements so we can GO HOME!

11:30 AM
Prune juice win! Tess pooped and took her whole bottle this morning, then took another at noon. We may be back on track. I hesitate to take a breath of relief, but she’s actually finally sleeping as well! I feel so much calmer as a parent knowing she’s not in constant discomfort. is there anything more beautiful than a sleeping, smiling baby?

Fortunately, no. When I went to feed her at 3, she curled up in a ball on my lap and totally passed out. Cutest little bug in the world. When she finally woke up, our quiet, observant girl was back – leaving the squirmy, miserable one behind her. Yay! The psychedelic hippies ran out of juice, so Dave moved her crib mirror over so she could see it more easily. She seems intrigued by her reflection, so that’s another good purchase. This is me, trying to be positive. How am I doing?

7 thoughts on “Day 77

  1. Love that Tess is feeling better. And doing her job (growing) so well now. I know you both are anxious to leave, but just take a deep breath and enjoy these last few days. Once you are home, life will kick in again at seemingly breakneck speed. Kisses all around.

  2. Tess looks more and more like a normal size baby! Maggey & Dave look more and more like normal parents, tired (of waiting) but cute! On the home front, construction is moving along, but the crew is grateful for the lingering days that frustrate you. Hang in there as both sides of the equation come to fruition. The future looks bright, indeed. Love, Cathy & Mike

  3. Yes Maggey, you are doing great. Keep up the positive attitude. Dave looks like he is surviving – but might need a shave ! LOL

  4. Maggey, the answer to your question on how are you doing can only be answered by AMAZING! Each day, wondering, hoping, waiting, going forward, taking steps back, holding your breath for the good news, keeping your spirits up when the news is not what you want, wears one down and you two have help up like no others! Life on the other side will look so good to you and I know it will be the best for you!

    All our love, all the Minahans

    • Susie, that did me so much good! Thank you. I’ve got a couple more days in me. And you’re right – it will make the homecoming so much sweeter! 🙂

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