Day 76

General note? Waking up to love notes and encouragement from our parents? Priceless. Love you!

11 AM
Okay, guys. Tess’ new party trick? Trying to inhale the whole nipple and making herself gag. This particular activity makes me despair AND freak out, since gagging a 5-pounder is not on my daily list of things to do. The nurses and NNP think she’s still on track, but it’s hard to believe right this second. This morning’s feeding was a complete fail, but she looked so comfy and passed out that I couldn’t really get worked up. She hasn’t pooped in over 24 hours, which isn’t significant but she’s working on it around the clock and therefore not really sleeping well. I am so rooting for a non blowout for Dave. 🙂

Jamie, our nurse practitioner of choice, is convinced Tess will pass the carseat test after gaining just a few more ounces. I’m hoping that happens tonight, since we’re giving it a try tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

6:30 PM
Dave had no more luck with the bottle than I did. Well, after 36 hours of trying to poop, they decided to sneak a little prune juice into her food. Here’s hoping it helps her regularity so she can eat and sleep! Win? Dave did get the blowout. Snicker.

7 thoughts on “Day 76

  1. Atta girl, Tess! Share that love with your poppa! 😀
    We’re cheering for Tess to get her bottle sorted, and are loving her fat little belly! A-dorable!
    Much love and we look forward to seeing you guys soon!

  2. I’m so happy that Tess is keeping up the pace! There is nothing worse than a baby who can’t poop. They are so miserable and you just want to help them! Fingers crossed for a passing car seat test!

  3. I was looking at Davids Google + picture and wow has she grown so fast. It does not seem like it is possible for someone to grow that fast. But with all the pictures it is an amazing progress as she gets bigger. So Wonderful. I can remember one day when my daughter was first born. All she wanted to do was eat. She ate every hour. I am sure Tess will have a day like that in the future it just takes time. She and you will get there. I also remember times when Wendy would sleep what seemed like forever and I would call my mom and ask if I should wake her up to feed her. Mom would always say she will let you know when she is hungry and she needs to sleep to grow. Well I can see that Tess is sleeping well because she has become giant in such a short time.

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