Day 74

When you start the day out with a tiny bit of extra sleep, the Mormon Tabernacle choir singing the Battle Hymn of the Republic and one of the world’s prettiest blessings followed by brunch with the Drewvians at Copper Onion, you know it’s going to be a good day.

To top it off, Tess took all 3 of her daytime bottles and her night time one – 100% or more! She burped, slept and got to zone 3 in her eye development. There’s only 3 zones so we’re close! We’re looking forward to her finishing that. Eye exams are the family’s least favorite activity.

Drew and Viv had to leave, but we just loved having them here for a relaxing visit. We tried out a few remaining SLC experiences and have given ourselves permission to take a break. Good company, good weekend! Lots of work next week, but we’re recharged, I think.

Tess hit 5 pounds, 7 ounces last night, and 5 pounds 10 oz tonight. Other than an inexplicably full nose, she’s in excellent shape. The boogers have been there for weeks, so we’re guessing it’s gross but not life-threatening. Now we’re just waiting for the magic moment where she gets that eating under control and zips to the finish line. We’re eager but wary, and we’ve been warned: anything can happen! Still, seeing her like this is an adjustment of sorts. She looks like a baby, makes noises like a baby – makes us think she’s outgrown preemiehood to an extent and is almost ready to be ‘born’! 🙂 Love it.

2 thoughts on “Day 74

  1. When the worst thing you have to stress about is the eye exam, you know things are really looking up. Can’t wait for your road blogs. Give that beautiful almost chubby little girl an extra snuggle from Gramma Rose.

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