Day 72

This morning we met Judge Kennedy, who’s presiding over our adoption case. He very kindly allowed us to come in and state/sign our intent to finalize now, so we don’t have to come back in September. (The finalization will happen in the fall still – just without our smiling faces.) It turns out he lived in Milwaukee! Go figure. We had a nice chat, he checked out our hospital scrapbook that the nurses made, and it was over. He kept telling us what an undertaking this was, an congratulating us – so sweet!

Tess appears to have outgrown preemie footie clothes (aka everything we have), but hasn’t grown into newborn. Tricky. I’m taking notes for the growing: pants and onesies! One of the nurses said preemies tend to be long and skinny, while preemie clothes tend to be short and fat. Lol! NOW they tell us. So we popped into a kid’s store for a couple of midsize things.

Then it was off to brunch with Drew and Viv. When we have visitors, we decide who’s on baby and who’s on people based on who needs a break and who needs Tess time. After missing cares last night and this morning, I’m on baby. No question! So we brunched together and then I vanish into the NICU for a few hours. They gallivanted and caught up.

Dave and I haven’t had a work-free time since our last visitors. It’s kind of a relief to wake up 2 days in a row and know that Tess and fam are our only concerns. Love it!

We went to MIB 3, dinner at Vinto and back to Tess. Tess is 5 pounds 5 ounces and are 4/4 bottles today! Huge accomplishment. For us at getting out an for Tess! An excellent, relaxing day all around. Tess seemed fascinated by drew’s bright orange shirt, which confirmed my faith in her eyesight! Photos today supplied by Maggey, Kat, Dave and Viv. Teamwork!





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