Day 71

After another night’s progress and sleep, Dave and I woke up tired and happy. We worked hard all week so we could enjoy Drew and Viv, and the time is now! Starting with brekkie at a favorite spot after my morning meeting. Having visitors towards the end of our stay is a great way to get through these molasses days.

Dave and I are much more relaxed about our schedule now. We swap days when meetings become tricky, swap cares, pretty much juggle Tess the way we’ll need to in the real world. We both still crave every minute with her we can get, but that’s normal, too, and probably won’t change much at home.

Tess ate, had a bath, and most importantly stayed off her oxygen. Watching her on room air is incredible, if only because it makes the reality of her leaving the hospital that much more believable.

Having Drew and Viv here has already been awesome! We even went out to dinner and to a fantastic concert: Milo Greene and the Civil Wars at the Depot. It was hard to miss cares, but it felt great to just hang out. Family! Best thing since…anything. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Day 71

  1. Duuude!!! I’m so jealous! You get the Drewvians AND cool swag … I can’t wait for my turn! haha 🙂 So happy for you all … and so jazzed by Tess’ continued improvement!

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