Day 7

Dave and I have to thank all of you for your patience. We aren’t really responding to anyone as we’re still scrambling around (adoption stuff is harder without a printer for example), but we take a minute every morning to read all of your comments and it just makes our day. It’s awesome to know that even though we’re here alone and not many people will be able to meet Tess for a while, she’s got people rooting for her. The birth mom even commented on how huge our support system is!

Yesterday we were talking about trying to find an apartment and then had a wild and hairy emotion-filled day. It was amazing to be able to come back to the House, eat a home-cooked meal, have a normal conversation with a volunteer and go to our room. The little moments of sanity are unbelievably comforting. We got anther one when we were hanging out with the birth parents before afternoon care time yesterday. Joking around and laughter are still good for the soul!

12:30pm VPN fixed, after 4 hours with IT! Apparently my computer decided we never left the jci secure IP address. Such a renewed sense of normalcy to be able to sign in and get to work.

Sadly, after our industrious and productive work session in our new office (cool coffee shop called beans and brew with free functioning wifi and plugs), we found that Tess was having an off day. Nothing terrible – just a bit of trouble breathing, and they had to start a new iv since yesterday’s didn’t quite make it through today. Poor kiddo! Meggan, our awesome primary nurse, is so gentle with her (and with us) that we couldn’t get too worked up. We got her comfy on her tummy – new position!) and that seemed to be a little better. Funny side note? She actually pulled a full-size baby move and pooped in her diaper right after we changed her. 🙂

The neonatology dept head was on rounds today, and kept saying that no one told Tess she’s a preemie. Then she called her a cutie during rounds and stressed how much she loves her name. Needless to say we’re huge fans. On the advice of our smart and experienced NICU friends, we requested that the brusque nurse not be placed with us again. You guys were right; I was nervous asking but it’s a huge relief! The people here are so great that I don’t feel right settling for someone we don’t feel comfortable around.

So we’re squeezing in a post and a little work before heading back for evening care with the birth parents, and have our fingers crossed that Tess has turned it around and is back to her usual rambunctious self.

10:30pm She’s back! Tess snuggled in in her tummy position and got her breathing back. She crashed out all afternoon, was great at cares tonight for her birth parents, and we were all so relieved and happy we hung out partying in the NICU for over an hour. So nice to be friends with the people who produced this amazing little person who already has us around her little finger! We also heard there’s some Austrian followers, so I might have to break out some German eventually.

8 thoughts on “Day 7

  1. HI Maggie and Dave (and I know Dave does not know who I am…yet…ha ha) Laura passed the blog along to the rest of the family and I am so very happy to be able to follow this amazing adventure with you. While I was not aware that you were going through this process, I am overjoyed that you are able to experience it all. I know it must be so very difficult to be going through the preemie stage but as I see it, this gives you both a chance to be in on the 9 month development of a child. How precious?

    I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. Know you have at least one more Canadian supporter. If there is ever anything I can do, I am only an email away. Love to all Bev

    • That’s so funny – I said that to Dave the other day! She already knows our voices a bit (I like to think so anyway). Glad to know the Canadian contingent has their eye on her too! Dave’s now dying to meet you btw. He already had heard lots, but thinks you’re quite funny in text!

  2. Maggie and Dave, The blog is great. I am enjoying the development of Tess and your nex journey into parenthood. Tess is a fighter. Thinking about you and wishing you the best.

  3. Sounds like even with some health hiccups, everyone is in good spirits:) I’m sure work isn’t something you necessarily want to be worrying about, but it’s great that everything is working and you can save more of your leave for your cutie. Also, I know it will be awhile before Tess can sport clothes, but I did some spring cleaning and she is weclone to Hazel’s gentely worn preemie outfits. Which just looking at yesterday, brought such a flood of emotions! Since Hazel came home on a monitor, they almost all have snaps to accommodate the wires. No need to worry about it now, just let me know and I can mail them off if you’d like:)

  4. I’m never ever ever ever going to look on the bright side of NICU babies, but I love Bev’s thought that this gets you guys involved in the…well…the gestation really. I used to like to think of the NICU as the “mechanical womb” with all of this fancy equipment and care of all the professionals doing its best to mimic what goes on in utero. It’s sort of like you guys get to be pregnant with her. You’re certainly going through labor pains.

    You rock for booting that mean nasty nurse! And yay for getting a primary care buddy nurse. I always considered it a big compliment when a nurse requested our boy for her shift. That’s what you want…it’s a working relationship.

    Get used to IV changes…even rock stars have a hard time getting vein access after a while. 😉 For what it’s worth whenever vein access is needed on our son we still have a policy of requesting a NICU nurse to do it…almost 5 years later! Those gals can find a vein on a vampire I swear!

    Keep posting it all – the good, bad, and strange. Your cheering squad is out here rooting you through it all!

  5. PS – stay at the ronald mcdonald house! What is this apartment talk?!?! Stay at RMH, please. You’ll need the support. You walk in the lobby and the people there read your face looking for what you need – congrats because your baby is thriving, or hugs because things aren’t going well. It can be nice to not live in the middle of medical drama, too, but you can always take a break from RMH…stay in a hotel a few nights to relax and swim. But believe me – been there and done that – you will probably regret leaving the house.

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