Day 69

Dave and I were busy all day, so we’re working on the blog at 11 tonight. Max and Patty sent me a mug that says, “Mommy. Needs. Coffee.” That’ll be a good warning to others in the morning!

I’m kind of glad we’re late tonight, though. Kat sent me two videos tonight, and I’d love to share them with you. One is of Spencer doing a rough cut of his song for Tess – so you can all hear how beautifully he expressed his thoughts about the night she was born. We will definitely be sharing that with her many, many times in the future.

The other is a cool video of birth moms and adoptive families talking about what adoption feels like, why they chose adoption, and how adoption was the ultimate expression of their love. It made Kat and I both cry, so we can attest to the validity of what those moms are saying! Dave and I don’t have biological children so I can’t compare, but the relationship between the birth parents and the adoptive parents is amazing and complex and rife with emotion. It’s a tearjerker in every sense! We so completely belong to Tess. And in some ways, she’ll always be part of Kat and Spencer too. I’ve heard parents talk about how they don’t know how they could love anyone as much as they love their first child – until they have their second. They say it’s like that love just multiplied. I think this must be the same: the love we all feel for her multiplies and morphs until it’s a unique blend of fabulous just for her enjoyment. 🙂

Tess had a sleepy, poopy day. Literally. She took some of every bottle but didn’t finish one! That’s ok. The feeding tube will be in until she takes all of her food by bottle, so pretty much until the day we leave. They supplement her bottle with a tube feeding so she gets enough calories. She’s doing great on 1/4 liter oxygen, and it may just be that she’s adjusting to life with less Air pressure. In the meantime, same old routine!

5 thoughts on “Day 69

  1. Thanks for making me start my day with a big ol’ messy cry!!!! Hahahhahaha!

    I simply love you guys to bits and pieces. Your hearts and so big.

    Here is the problem – you forgot the rule I told you weeks ago! Absolutely no saying the h-word (home) or the d-word (discharge). Each utterance of the banned words will give you – on average – another week inpatient. Seriously. It’s true!!!! You need a code word to use instead. Like pattycake, or zoo, or knit mittens.

    “if this eye exam goes well we should be able to play pattycake tomorrow.”

    “I can’t wait to go to the zoo.”

    “We have a date to knit mittens!!!!”

    You must adopt a code word immediately! Please! 🙂

  2. these videos are so beautiful…and the adoption one truly encompasses all you have said about this process. One of my favorite Rilke sayings, “I live my life in widening circles that reach across the world” …for some reason when I was watching the adoption video, those words were going through my mind….beautiful.

    and yes, I’m crying too.

  3. Spencer’s song is absolutely beautiful. Patty and I were both moved to tears. What amazing people he and Kat are! Patty and I were remarking on the similarities between Spencer and Dave from early 2000. Different instrument, but Patty and I immediately thought of Dave blowing us away with a very powerful song he composed in memory of his grandmother. Very similar emotive qualities.

    Anyway, time to dry our eyes and hit the hay. Love to you all!

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