Day 67

Last night I was kissing Tess’ hands, since she likes to put one on my mouth or chin while she eats: it was handy. On about the third repetition, she burst into a full-out giggle face! It was the cutest thing I’ve seen to date, and of course my camera wasn’t anywhere close by, so you’ll have to use your imagination.

The eye doctor didn’t show, so that test will be tomorrow. We’re hoping she’ll finally pass, seeing as her pupils are so well-defined. I have no idea if that has anything to do with maturity, but I’d like to believe so.

Tess is getting better at eating from a bottle without falling asleep halfway through. Today, she threw her mouth open like a guppy when I assumed the position. Pretty adorable – even Aly laughed! Other than that, it’s the same old. Slow but steady progress, no sudden moves. I’m putting her in all
my favorite preemie outfits before she goes up a size. We’re getting closer to newborn!

Dave and I got some work done, drank our usual buckets of coffee, and are looking forward to visitors at the end of the week! For us to take time off means working way in advance, but it also means the excitement builds up early on too – very inspirational.

5 thoughts on “Day 67

  1. Wie schön, du hast ein Erlebnis mit Tess,ganz allein für euch zwei – wie ein kleines Geheimnis! Mit der Kamera dazwischen wäre es auch nicht das Gleiche gewesen, oder?

  2. I love her cute little belly and chubby cheeks!!! The camera is never within hands reach when something new and cute happens and it’s nearly impossible for it to be recreated. I like to think those are your personal moments not to be shared with others.

  3. Tess is so cute.. and the pictures with your comments are the best way to start my day.!! You know you are going to have to keep this up after you get home.. at least weekly updates.

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