Day 66

Tess was adorable and sleepy this morning, so she only took part of her bottle. I was disappointed but not stressed. When she’s too tired to eat and falls asleep in my arms, I just can’t put her back in her crib! I end up sitting there snuggling her and looking down at that almost-chubby face. She’s so perfect, so sweet, and the answer to so many prayers. Poor Dave! I was an hour later than normal coming back to the house.

We enjoyed a leisurely brunch at one of our favorite spots, then Dave headed over for afternoon cares and I headed back to the Ron McDonald house to do laundry, work, and finish the 2011 photo book. Those of you in the know are probably already laughing and rolling your eyes, but every year we put together a bound, published book of everything that happened that year. I guess we always feel like we have so much to celebrate that we have to document it. I was late getting started on last year’s, and it’s mammoth 240 pages!

Looking back at 2011, Dave and I have no regrets. We got our adoption stuff in order, watched the house go under the beginning of a huge overhaul (thanks mom!), and traveled the world to spend time with friends, family and each other. I only hope every year can be as full of awe, joy, exuberance and jet lag. 2012 is already in the bag! Tess may be in most of our photos for the year – I’m just guessing. 🙂

5 pounds today!

5 thoughts on “Day 66

  1. so i am personally missing Dave’s little captions! they always crack me up…must have been a busy busy day yesterday! Congrats on the 5 lb. milestone! Tess does look like a giant next to her birth weight. So great to see her growing and thriving! I hope your weather is as lovely as ours is! It’s been just a remarkable May so far! I believe they are predicting a beautiful summer just for your return home! We are missing you! Practicing parties in the garden structure so we have it all warmed up for your return! Grow Grow Grow! love to you all, Sassy

    • Save…. SAVE I say! Sometimes, technology fails me!

      Tess is so much bigger that the stark reality of her tiny beginning is starting to struggle against the cuteness of her finger chub! I love it!

  2. Super,dass ihr die Bären-Fotos gemacht habt! Wenn ich bedenke – so ein Unterschied zum ersten … e n o r m !!!!!!!! 🙂 Aber auch die Finger – Hand- Fotos sind unglaublich !!!!!!!

    …und, Maggey, weil du von 240 Seiten Dokumentation schreibst – da gibt es kein Augenverdrehen bei mir, sondern vollstes Verständnis. Frage Michi nach meinen Alben! Wer alles so genießt wie wir, kann es nicht im nächsten Moment hinter sich lassen!? Interessante, schöne, lustige, wichtige Momente müssen für “Winterzeiten” konserviert werden.

  3. She is just a few ounces away from two of my babies’ birth weights! Ben was 5lb 14oz just 2 days before his due date and Olivia was 5lb 6oz two weeks before her due date. Still tiny, but NORMAL tiny!!!! Wooooooo!

    Keep on keeping on guys. 🙂

  4. Hurrah for five pounds! I love that Tess has a cute little belly goin’ on now. Keep the videos coming – Liam requests more singing. 🙂

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