Day 64

What a relief! After a night of no sleep for either of us, Dave and I muscled through the day. My boss and I faced the music on a big work mess and both made huge progress. Yay! Commiserating with someone does actually make drudge work less painful, I swear.

Tess took her whole bottle this morning and got a bath and snuggle with Dave this afternoon. Kat and Spencer came and held her for the first time this evening (woo hoo! We’ve all been trying to line that up for weeks. Everyone was sick one after the other!), and I got some baby love before bed. That kid’s going to be convinced the world and its grown-ups really revolve around her.

Seeing Kat and Spencer hold Tess was amazing, if bittersweet. The joy we feel as Tess’ parents is overwhelming, but her birth family loves her dearly. Letting go of someone you love is so traumatic, and they’re carrying on with grace, humor and temerity. As parents, Dave and I will always strive to live up to their hopes and expectations – and to surpass those wishes! Sharing the amazement of a child with two people who clearly adore her equally cannot be matched or described. They even split their time perfectly in half the way we do. 🙂

4 lbs 14 oz. that’s right! 5 lbs is around the corner. A quiet night in the NICU.

4 thoughts on “Day 64

  1. My heart is hugging you all! Kat, spencer and micki are some of the most endearing and loving people any of us will know in life. Tess is the most perfect gift of love I have ever witnessed. May you all, always find peace and love’s warmth in your hearts and lives. Xoxo Sassy

  2. it´s so good to see you all toghether!

    4 people wrapped around her finger, 3 orbiting Space Hippies to entertain her, 2 blankets to keep her warm… what is 1 nugget to do?
    the nugget brings the light and love to you all
    she makes it that you feel happy, peaceful, amazed, thankful, overwhelmed, careful, tender,sensitive, generous
    she melts your heart
    she brings you to think about things you never did bevore
    she turned your world on the head
    isn´t this enough to do for such a little girl?
    And even I´m so far away, she influences me too!

    She must be a very lightful soul – and I know – she is!!!

    Love Karin

  3. It’s all smiles in the NICU. Wow! I’m amazed at all the love that surrounds Baby Tess. She’s sure to put on a few more ounces of pinchable, cute baby chubs after this visit.

    🙂 Patty

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