Day 63

Well, it’s our first day back on the normal routine. Tess took half a bottle from Dave this morning and almost a whole one from me this afternoon. Her eyes were really open and alert, and I had to turn the music off for her to concentrate on eating. She was moving her head around trying to find its source!

Dave and I both commented on how much we missed touching base during the day, and hanging out with Tess together at night. We’ve had a lot of time together here, and we love it. Yet another thing to appreciate about our time in Utah – crazy silver linings.

The nurses and nps seem to be gearing up for our future departure. I don’t think it’ll happen overnight by any means, but I do think it’s getting closer. We’ve had multiple people say we can’t leave when they’re on vacation. Lol! I’m hoping for 2 weeks before her due date, but I’m guessing 1.

Our life here continues. We had dinner with friends at a cool spot in the mountains, joked around with our buddy at the coffee shop, hung out with the nurses and Ronald McDonald team (who oohed and aged appropriately over our baby photos today!), and did our thing. This really does feel a lot like singing gigs: I was impatient at the beginning, settled in in the middle, and as the end nears I get antsy. I wish I wouldn’t – we’re not that close!

Still, slow progress is better than no progress. And that sweet, sweet girl is growing like a weed. 🙂

One thought on “Day 63

  1. I was checking updates this morning with kids in my lap (as usual), and completely unsolicited Hazel says “that’s baby Tess and her Daddy” and points at the pic with Dave:) I know it is so cliche, but they really do grow up way too fast.

    I look at all your recent pictures and am so reminded of when my babies were that size, makes me miss those tiny snuggles. And to answer one of your recent ponderings, yes, the NICU memories fade. They are never gone, and sometimes out of nowhere you get that anxious/sad feeling about it, but once you are home and all the in-home appointments settle down, it will feel like ages ago that you lived this life. I guess that is what the mixture of being able to sit in awe of your child all day long does, well, that and the sleep deprivation;)

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