Day 61

Well, we’re calling this the Stupid bug. We feel better, but our brains are still sleeping. I tried to work today while Dave took care of Tess, and I was unimpressed with my output. Not an exciting day for me, but Tess got her immunizations. Poor thing! Thank god Denise was on today. I know she takes extra special care of her. That’s bad exciting.

Dave’s doing a great job, but it’s hard to get mom info secondhand. Dave’s doing great, but full hospital days feel like forever you forget what happened in the morning by the afternoon! Still, I can’t wait until I can see her myself. It’s been since Thursday! What we’ve relearned here, people, is that Dave is waaaay more patient than I am.

— Dave’s Update —

Wow.  4 lb. 10 oz. and growing!  I spent the entire day hanging out with my girls.  I was also reminded that the NICU is a crazy club.  Mention it in mixed company and it’s like you have random insta-friends.  Just add breast milk!  Tess took her shots like a champ and was the cutest little bug you ever did see in her bath.  This evening, I ran into some of our fellow NICU parents (remember the club?), and they were having their “hotel stay”, which is the last thing you do before you go home!  Today marked 100 days for them.

100 days.

God, I hope not.  Right now I am just hoping to get some sleep, get back to our semi-productive schedule, and have the luxury of hanging out with my honey between cares.  It’ the little things, you know?

2 thoughts on “Day 61

  1. Loved all the pictures and their captions. It is hard to believe she is growing so fast. You guys are doing a great job.

  2. I absolutely love today’s photos!!! It’s so funny how much NICU advice is different from unit to unit. Our nurses said “don’t use moisturizer or oil because it makes their skin more dry.” Oh well! Love her eyes 🙂

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