Day 59

The plague continues. Dave felt pretty good yesterday and great this morning, so he’s going to put on a mask and go see Tess. He gave it an extra few days to be safe. That liberates me to sleep, drink tea and sleep some more. I’m determined to break his one week healing record!

Our amazing nurses are keeping us posted. Tess is now firmly on protocol 2, so 4 bottles a day. She seems to love eating, and is doing great but needs to keep gaining weight – she stayed the same last night. No sign of a cold, so I think she may stay healthy, fingers crossed.

Dave’s back at the Ron McDonald house tonight, so we’ve effectively switched roles. I’m so glad he’s getting time with Tess now. So far, being parents together has been as rewarding as every other part of our marriage!

Dave got to feed Tess for the first time, and while she pretty much slept through the morning bottle she pounded her afternoon one. He spent the day ping ponging between baby cares and hanging out with me at the hotel. Totally took care of his girls. In the meantime I slept, watched trashy tv, read and pretty much hung out, waiting to get my brain back. Still – could be worse! Tomorrow I’ll be on my own as we both try to get some work in, but today was the first real weekend day I’ve had in months – sick or no. Here’s hoping everyone out there feels good and is enjoying their Saturday!

— Dave’s insert —

So, it is clear that Tess misses her mom. She kept looking around today as if to say, “I know there was a professional here somewhere, but I haven’t seen her in a while. Was it something I said?” Sorry kid, you got me. Now which end has the milk?

She held her weight today, but that was after she reminded that she was fully operational baby! Wow. Just wow. The nurse think that she will be on 2 bottles a shift (12 hours) for another 2 days or so, and if she gains weight, she will be going to 3 per day.

Awesome sauce.

2 thoughts on “Day 59

  1. Freut mich dave, dass du wieder gesund bist ! Ich wünsche Maggie auch, dass es ihr bald wieder besser geht !
    Tess sieht wunderbar aus – sie zeigt`s : Nur mit der Ruhe! Keinen Stress! Gut essen – viel schlafen! Und immer zufrieden mit der Welt!

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