Day 58

I’m sick. After trying so hard to keep the germs away, I felt a little off last night – so I left the NICU, didn’t touch Tess and came home to sleep. Then I woke up with a nasty cold! Dave’s better, so by tomorrow he should be able to visit her in a mask, but I’m now in his shoes. All I want to do is sleep and make it go away.

I always think I’ll be productive with a cold; they never seem that big of a deal when I don’t have one. I assure you – I am not capable of productivity. My thoughts about going to Moab like this? Idiocy. Tess seems fine, and took her bottle from Sara like a champ last night. Here’s hoping she won’t notice we’re gone. 🙁 fortunately Karyn was on today and it’s Lexie tonight, so she’s in good hands. Still, we miss her something fierce.

We don’t have any pictures of Tess for you, but when we do expect a flurry!

5 thoughts on “Day 58

  1. Sorry you guys are sick:( Can you go for a short visit, no touching of course, and wear a mask? I was able to do that when I got sick when the kids were still in the NICU.

  2. So sad! Get well soon – I wish we could send you some matzo ball soup from Benji’s – it always makes Patty feel better.

  3. So so sad you are sick. Let’s really hope tiny Tess stays well. I wish I could help. I guess when life is not easy, life us not easy. Echonecia and vitamin c. Smiles and warm hugs from home.
    Love from sassy, the big bunny and his friend duck.

  4. What a tough break. Sleep and chicken noodle soup. And gather all the get better wishes that are flying your way. hugs and hugs. Rose and Dan

  5. OH, no!!! So sorry you guys are sick! Here’s hoping it is just a common cold and will soon go away! Hugs!

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