Day 57

So Tess was all smiles last night and this morning. I think she’s adorable even when crying with a poopy diaper, but the smiles just kill me. Everyone in the NICU swoons with me, and I just figured that baby smiles are heart killers. Apparently not the reason. Most NICU babies can’t smile. One of the reasons they get so excited about Tess is those eye-crinkling expressions of joy. She’s not supposed to do that! How awesome for us.

Today we switched to protocol 2 for bottle eating. She took three bottles, had a bath, AND had kangaroo today. She also dropped a huge full diaper on me after the bath – unfortunate timing. Funny move of the day? She farted so long and loudly that Karyn, who has a house full of boisterous boys, was taken aback. Does it count as potty humor if it had us howling? Needless to say, I tucked in a very happy baby before the afternoon work break (meaning break to work!) More importantly, Tess doubled her birthweight! She weighs almost 2 kilos. The formula is clearly doing its job. 🙂

Dave is still hotel bound, but is getting tons of work done – so even though I hear desperate longing in his voice, at least he’s got something to keep him busy. I doubt that’s much comfort! I was going to video chat with him last night when my phone died. Technology fail. Maybe tonight we’ll have more luck.

I still feel fine, but the ‘sick’ fear is as bad as it was when I was singing! Dave keeps telling me to relax, but I’m trying to remember all my old tricks. At least he’ll be able to trade with me if I do come down with it – my worst fear was that Tess would get it; the second worst was that we’d both be unable to visit at the same time!

One thought on “Day 57

  1. Baby farts are ALWAYS funny and continue to be funny as they grow. I remember not so long ago Lilia was sitting in the livingroom and I heard a hard grunt followed by a floor rattling fart. She looked at me and smiled and I laughed, then she laughed.

    Keep growing Tess and I hope you all get better and stay healthy!!!

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