Day 56

Well, here we are again. I’m getting a taste of being a working mom today. Our team meeting took place during Tess’ afternoon kangaroo care, and while I could be on the phone and holding her, it wasn’t ideal on any front. Still, mission accomplished! As the nurses said, it’s what it will be like at home, so it’s good to practice. I’m always grateful for extra time with Tess, but trying to squeeze in meetings gets tricky!

Dave’s feeling better, so hopefully he can leave confinement in a day or two and we can get back to our routine. I think Tess misses daddy! I know I do.

Otherwise, the White family visit left me refreshed and kept me from getting lonely, and good work projects promise to keep the days rolling on. Same for mom’s updates on the house project! She’s getting us pretty jazzed about the magic makeover. By magic, I mean she’s working her butt off on it while we sit around and daydream. 🙂 The next few weeks have my permission to fly by.

Tess is loving eating. In fact, my homework today is to stop her from eating too fast! She’s a tidy eater, has figured out burping, and roots like crazy. Today she picked her head up off my knee and full out lunged for the bottle nipple! She’s rocking it out, and just needs to slow down her breathing to master step 1 of the bottle feeding protocol. The development specialist today kept saying how little she still is, and I thought, “Stop it! She’s huge!” It’s really all in your perspective. Lol. So we do 2 bottles a day until she’s got that down – then on to 4 bottles a day. Bottle feeding a preemie is more complicated than you’d think; you have to watch the baby, the screen with her stats, the bottle angle and level of milk in the nipple, count her sucks, watch her color, feel for over breathing…itself makes a simple job more challenging. Still, she’ll master it at some point, the way she masters everything else. And so will we! In the meantime, practice, practice, practice. She’s now 4 lbs 5 oz – only 5 grams short of doubling her birthweight. Denise called Thursday a week ago – she know her stuff.

I think we’re seeing Salt Lake at its most beautiful. The trees. Are green, the mountains are glorious, an the weather has been amazing. Considering the crazy thunderstorms in Milwaukee, we might be getting the better end of this deal at the moment. It could definitely be worse!

3 thoughts on “Day 56

  1. We Having been hearing about your little ones growth and progress thru Patty and Max
    what a difference from day one to today. We Will keep you all in our prayers
    what a great “BABY” book you are creating (I bet none of the rest of us were so diligent)
    It will make great reading for her some day!

  2. She keeps getting cuter with every day! That outfit is so cute on her! I was hoping it would fit and she wouldn’t get lost in it 🙂

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