Day 55

So now I’m blogging for all of you and Dave! He’s officially sick, so this morning we lysoled our room and the car and put him in a hotel until the cold goes away. It’s weird doing the hospital routine without him here. Mom came with me today so I didn’t get too lonely. The ronald mcdonald house feels less homey when you’re home alone, I gotta tell ya.

Still, Tess is making up for it by soaring through the NICU today. They switched her to low-flow oxygen again at 1 liter (hopefully it will stick this time), she’s handling her bottle well and just generally astounding us. Aly warned us that she may poop out in a few days, and that week 35 is brain week – so she may ignore the bottle until week 36. We don’t care! We consider ourselves warned and happy. (We are also really, really grateful for the heads up! Knowing a setback is expected drastically reduces our disappointment and worry levels.)

Having mom, dad and Caela here was great. Mom remembered some nurses, we all chatted about houses and yards, and shared stupid family stories – as always. Mom, dad, Caela and I tried some new restos, checked out some parks and gardens, and really just caught up. It felt so good to shoot the shit with my family! Dave missed today entirely, and I don’t think I was the only one who missed him. We sent everyone home tired, happy and full! A success. 🙂

A couple of primaries made going home jokes today, and I thought, “careful! Don’t panic mom or get our hopes up.” Tess often has little spurts of progress followed by doses of reality, and I’m trusting that these steps forward will follow the pattern. Still, the last few days have brought some serious milestones! I only wish Dave could share them in person.






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  1. *Yawn* All those pictures of Tess yawning makes me think I need more coffee. I was yawning along with her!

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