Day 53

34 weeks, 16.5 inches long and 4 lbs 2 oz! Today’s a milestone of sorts. Tess has reached the point where it really heats up. They discontinued her caffeine today (I wonder if her headache will be as bad as Dave’s?), tomorrow she gets her first bottle, and she passed another eye exam, which she liked as much as last – that is to say not at all!

She’s still fussy as she adjusts to the formula, but calmed right down for kangaroo. (She knows how to make me feel needed!) she’s still on 1.5 liters of oxygen and holding steady. So we’re inching our way towards getting home! I know this is true, since the nurses keep saying they hope they’re on the week we go home. 🙂

During Dave’s bath time the inevitable happened: she pooped in the bath. Ew ew ew. Fortunately it was just a speck and they were almost done. I’d honestly been wondering what would happen at that point. So we have a sweet-smelling, clean and happy Sunday baby. 🙂

Mom, dad and Caela are here today! They even snuck in early, contrary to normal White family tardiness. Dave and I finally got organized and have a list of things to do in town. Here’s hoping we’re better tour guides this time – we definitely let the team down on the last few visits. It’s fun to have people see her progress in person. 🙂

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