Day 51

The NICU adventure continues! Dave and I were talking about the NICU experience. Some of the parents we meet at the scrubbing trough are there for 3 days or a week. I have a harder time relating to them, as we’re the marathoners and we’re only halfway there. We haven’t been there the longest, but I’m pretty sure we’re getting there. Let’s be clear: there’s NICU ironman parents who are there for 6 months. We respect and fear them. Still, when we come in we ask people about the race they ran, the wedding they attended, if their kid won the hockey game – all while restocking the sponges and soap and requesting more gowns. I literally cannot imagine what day 100 or 140 feels like.

Tess is now sucking on anything that gets close to reachable – including her swaddle. She’s been a little more alert this week, and really fixates on stuff. At the moment, the equipment and sunshine in the left corner behind her head get her full attention. She grabs our fingers, handles tape removal like a champ, and doesn’t fuss when we put her clothes on. She does still yell when we go to put her back in the crib after kangaroo!

They started switching her to preemie formula today. Her stomach seems to be feeling better on it, and she even seemed to like eating a few drops with her pacifier. Apparently it’s less sweet than breast milk, so hopefully she doesn’t notice. The super fortification is built in, so hopefully the happy tummy continues. And the big girl in the big bed hit 4 pounds tonight! She knows sassy and grandpa are on their way and wants to impress. 🙂

Dave and I saw The Avengers this afternoon (awesome!) and then grabbed dinner, where we watched another couple play with their toddler. I used to daydream about having a toddler, but now all I see is Tess peeking up at me from her crib. I’m excited to see whether she’s good or naughty, outgoing or shy, bookish or athletic. I can’t picture anything but Tess!

We do know she likes music and responds to French. She focuses more. I guess we’ll discover her bit by bit, like every other parent. We’ll love every minute.

2 thoughts on “Day 51

  1. I always knew my child would be adorable, but seriously?? I can’t even wrap my head around how cute she is!!!!

  2. I just can’t get over how freakin adorable she is!!! And I also can’t help yawning with her EVERY single time! haha… Tess, we seriously need a nap! lol

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