Day 50

I woke up today hoping it was the weekend. No such luck! Dave’s got meetings out the wazoo, so we’ve taken the startling step of leaving him in charge of laundry while I’m in charge of baby. I’m nervous, and pleased. Lol!

Tess is doing great. She loves the mobile and is still charming all the nurses. However, we all are finding those digestion issues awe-inspiring. Just before bathtime, she dropped a 50g poop. I was holding my breath. Man, when the fortifiers come out, they are as nasty as they sound in her tummy! First, we heard the sound effects, “gurgle-sploosh!” – like in a movie. Then, the eau de whoa! The terrifying smell that even scared away a nurse. Let me tell you – the diaper change? Whoa. We were just glad it was pre-bath!

Today’s bath time featured Denise and Karyn! We all had a great time watching her actually stay awake for her bath – she seemed fairly entertained, all things considered. Dave didn’t exaggerate – doing skin to skin with her after her bath (helps her recalibrate her body temp) is all that and a bag of chips. She was even snugglier than usual!

Getting her dressed, tucked in and happy may be one of the greatest joys I’ve ever experienced. I actually held her baby style (dressed and tucked into the crook of my arm) and she looked so surprised to see a face up there! She’s been trying to sneak a peek during kangaroo but the way she’s positioned she can’t see who’s holding her. After tucking her in I headed back downtown to hear what had happened with the laundry.

Dave succeeded! Laundry and meetings covered. We had a great dinner downtown and felt quite civilized: glasses of wine, tapas, snarky waiter, quality people watching. Then off for our favorite nightly ritual. Dave’s got the sweet babe all cuddled up and is reading some programming manual. (Yes, when he reads it to her she sleeps like a baby.) I’m catching up on the blog and what’s happening in the rest o the world! We loved the comments today – even the betting! I’ll let you know who wins. This far? It’s the three of us.

3 thoughts on “Day 50

  1. Okay, so I have held off commenting for a while now because – for serious – the open crib news just sent me over the moon. Like makes me cry just thinking about it let alone seeing all the pictures. It is BEYOND a huge step you guys! Don’t poo-poo it! She’s officially “born” now. 🙂


    • Aw – that’s so sweet! We feel the same way. I told Aly today that we have a nursery – it just happens to be in a hospital! Thanks, Becca. 🙂

  2. LOL … can’t get over the hilarity of your concern with leaving Dave in charge of laundry! Especially since I’ve been there with Larry before! haha

    And Dave sneaking up on you with the camera… so great!

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