Day 49

Today we had sunshine and a breeze! Utah at its best. Dave dealt with social security while I handled bills. Domestic, huh? Denise was on today, and was as usual an awesome person to hang out with. She requested we move Tess’ bath tomorrow to the afternoon so she can be there! Done and done.

We decided the half-baked mobile had to go, and we’re donating it to the hospital once we’ve washed the furry animals (second-hand plus NICU equals mucho laundry). On the upside, we found out Tess really did like having something to look at! The upgrade is a huge improvement and plays music for more than 30 seconds.

Dave and I went to babies r us for the first time to pick it up. As someone who doesn’t like to shop, I was a little overwhelmed – but I felt more intrigued at just being parents at a baby store! It was fun to look around and see all the doodads and whatsits babies ‘need’ in this day and age. Thank god the nurses just tell us what we need when. So the domesticity continued! Dave changed a diaper while I put the mobile together. 🙂 Love!

Throughout the day, Mom and I are still decorating the over the phone. At one point, Tess was fussing for food and I was juggling the phone and the baby and the pacifier. Again, with the normal mommy experience! It’s just great to picture life post-NICU. For that same reason, we got tickets to a concert in August today. Nothing major, but a reminder that we’ll be HOME in August! In the meantime, we’re looking forward to mom and dad popping by again this weekend for a dose of the familiar.

The first time our parents came was a relief: we were alone here, and wanted confirmation that this was real and a dose of family to tide us over. This visit feels different. I can’t wait to see my parents and hang out. We’re more relaxed and have a better idea of how our schedule works. Tess is so much more visible in the open bed, so they’ll be able to see how much progress she’s made (and how cute she is in clothes!). I guess we feel closer to leaving than arriving, and that’s awesome. Whether it’s accurate or not is anyone’s guess, but the feeling helps. Each visit reminds us to take stock of what’s changed since the last visitor came through. Progress is good!

Tess is making progress, by the by. She lost a little weight the last 2 nights, which is probably due to adjusting to the open crib. Tonight she turned it around and is up to 3 lbs 14 oz! She’s holding her own on the oxygen, and they’re keeping her at 2 liters so she doesn’t have to work harder. They could wean her, but she’d lose more weight because it requires more effort. It’s a conundrum. The trick is, when she weighs more it’s easier to breathe. So the nasal tornado continues. Other than that, she’s eating and pooping and staring and sleeping – with a smile thrown in here or there for good measure. We’ll keep you posted!

7 thoughts on “Day 49

    • Yu so agree patty! So nice to know you never sleep either! I miss seeing you all!! Fun times to come though without a doubt!!

      Tess you are really looking lovely in your spring wardrobe! So fun to see those little peepers so busy…peeking at the world! Isn’t life an intriguing, exciting dream of possibility? Love your new mobile! I am just all about the color and the music…and of course, the imagining!
      Hugs and kisses to all!!!

  1. One time I told a friend of mine that all babies did when they were young was eat and poop. Very unhappily she told me. “look man, they have a ton of things to do, like figure out shapes and color, and assign meaning to these things, that stuff doesn’t come for free, and it takes a ton of energy.”

    the mobile will help 🙂

    also 5 bucks on 3 weeks till she grabs it.

  2. double or nothin’ on Andrews bet. Mags, what is a blog without a bet??!! Bringing it derby style!

    funniest thing I’ve heard in weeks
    Mags “No…”
    Dave “erg”

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