Day 44

Dave and I were laughing over how awesome our primaries are. Dave said building a primary list is like playing a long strategy game, I consider that quite accurate. We knew we’d be here a long time, and preferred to really build a small network of people we trusted with Tess and also liked to hang out with. Let me tell ya, when you spend a hospital day with someone you don’t click with, time stops. Awkward. So here we are with the longest list of the most amazing nurses, and every day feels a little social, a little parent-y, and a little easier. This system is a win, particularly for the long-term patient care.

They all came out to celebrate his birthday tonight, and we had a blast! It was so fun to get to know people we spend so much time with on a less formal basis. Those who couldn’t come were missed. 🙁 Kat and Spencer got there first, and called to ask us if we had really reserved a table for 14! We filled it with people from the hospital, Dave’s college buddy, spouses, roommates – it was really cool to look around and realize how quickly people can connect.

Tess is doing great, despite missing us this evening due to the festivities. We’ve been told many times to take advantage of the 150 babysitters, but it’s still hard. Seeing Dave’s face light up tonight made it completely worthwhile. 🙂

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