Day 42

Well, Tess spit up on me today. Right down my shirt. Here’s the cool part: it was normal baby spit up, and the first time! I know that’s a weird thing to be proud of, but because they feed her through a tube in her stomach and burp her by drawing air off her stomach the same way, spit up hasn’t been part of our world. I was mildly proud. 🙂

She’s down to 1.5 liters on oxygen, which is awesome. Everyone is talking about how much bigger she is, and we all seem to be pretty eager to see her move into an open bed and start bottle feeding. Still, we’ve still got a little ways to go. She needs to gain another 350 grams or so before that magic happens! The days go fast though, and I just know it’s going to surprise us how soon that will come. Apparently, it’s weight and temperature before the open bed, then lower oxygen before bottle feeding, and established open bed before a bath. Phew! Many steps.

A friend of mine from university is in town, so we’re hoping to see her this weekend onstage and off. We’ll be celebrating Dave’s bday with all our fun SLC friends Friday, and then recovering from more excitement than we ever have! It’s so nice to look forward to things that aren’t hospital based.

Kat, Spencer and Micky took 6pm cares tonight, and are as astounded as we are at Tess’ huge growth spurt! So many weeks hovering around her birthweight and then she leaps into almost babyhood. Yet another beautiful moment that we get to share with people as overwhelmed by this kid as we are.

We closed Beans and Brew tonight, as we both had projects underway that required a little extra juice. That means a late night kangaroo for Dave, but there’s something sweet about holding her at night. The NICU is a little quieter, we’re as sleepy as the baby, and it lends an air of intimacy to our family time that we don’t often get to enjoy. I daydream about nights at home, when Dave and I are alone with our baby. The idea of getting up, even exhausted! and getting those quiet moments with Tess, then to fall back into our own bed…we’re looking forward to the small things. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Day 42

  1. When I go to work, the first thing I am asked by the other counselors is “How’s “our” girl?” So I pull up the blog and share pictures and videos. They cheer for every ounce and exclaim over every eye blink and grin. They all want to see her and hold her. So since that isn’t possible, just whisper love and good wishes from their NM “aunties by love if not blood”.And a special one from Gramma Rose, too.

  2. Oh those moments at home – even the exhausted ones – are even BETTER than you imagine. They really are. I’ve never stopped appreciating them.

  3. So, I went back to the first pictures you posted of dear little Tess to see her progress…if there is one White Family trait she has inadvertently inherited, it is the ability to grow like a weed! She looks beautiful and her every smile fills our hearts with joy!

  4. Hi Maggey and Dave,

    Love all the great updates! She is so beautiful and oh those eyes! Doug was in the hospital as a baby having to go through open heart surgery twice and I well remember the days of wondering if we would ever get to go home again and back to a normal life. I do feel that experience has given me such a depth of appreciation of home and day to day life. Being on the other side is rough and I think of you and Dave and pray for the day when we hear this beautiful little girl and her parents are coming home!

    xo, Susie

    • Oh, Susie! Doug is such a miracle child, and you would never know what heartbreak you must have gone through when he was so little and needed so much help! It’s so inspiring to look at him and contemplate that in a few years, we won’t see a preemie – just a big, healthy girl. 🙂 Thanks!

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