Day 41

Today was a blah day. The Internet appeared to messed up all over salt lake city. We aren’t even sure how that’s possible, but we were hosed. No way to work, no way I check in with the world – just…frustrating. Two coffee shops and the hospital later, we gave up.

Tess is her fabulous self and put on another ounce – now 3 lbs 7 oz. when they said it would snowball, they weren’t kidding! Aside from that, we enjoyed a beautiful walk in the park (thanks to our enforced free time), and then went to a to-cool-for-school spot downtown for a bite. Pretty nondescript.

Here’s the trick, though. A boring day when your kid’s in the NICU is the best kind of day. We know this since the great sickness, and therefore the “bored” complaint can be shared with some satisfaction. so she grew and we got sun. No drama, no major updates, no downswing or upswing – just one more day ticked off the list. The only
excitement? We got more comments about how she may go home early. 🙂 Chickens so not hatched, but it’s nice to daydream!

9 thoughts on “Day 41

  1. okay I’ll bite. what’s on the long stick. she kinna seems to lick it. so I’m guessing it taste good.

    is it like brushing your teeth but just does the soft tissues

    • It’s cotton-ball on a stick, of course! lol – actually, I think maybe they dip it in milk so she can lick/suck it?

    • Yeah, it’s our newfangled milkshake delivery system. Tess hates the cold, but loves the milk! It’s the equivalent of brushing my teeth with a latte! MMMmmmmm… latte….

  2. I love the yawning photo of her!!! So glad to hear she is packing on the weight 🙂 Boring days, especially when they’re sunny like that are definitely good. Let’s hope for more boring sunny days!

  3. Ahh she is so cute… I happy to hear you got to have a laid back day.. No internet is not all that bad… You two have another great day

  4. Looking at her photos now and comparing them to earlier ones, I am amazed. And then we get a picture of her cradled by Dave’s hands and realize she is still tiny, tiny. So glad she is doing great.

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