Day 38

Well, we were super thwarted this morning by the Salt Lake City marathon! I’m all for exercise and it’s a beautiful day, but it cut off every thoroughfare to the hospital and the highway access for over a three hours. Argh! We missed morning cares.

Apparently, we started on the top inside curve of a u, then drove futilely straight down on the inside. Wow. So realizing we were beat, we decide to get Dave a quick haircut and go to brunch. 2 HOURS LATER, Dave came out with a $7 haircut. The academy salon actually meant an academy. An out-of-work project manager cut his hair. Doh! Now worried about noon cares, we jumped back in the car and sprinted across town. The good news? We finally got to the hospital.

After working all afternoon outside on a patio, I felt pretty good. Dave got his Tess fix so he was pretty happy, too. She made it through the night on 2.5 liters, which is excellent. It felt like spring today, and that means two things: sunshine and time is passing! Thank God, because mom sent tons of Florida pictures that were beautiful reminders of where Tess will be playing on the beach next year. Thanks guys!

We had a new day nurse today who we’ve heard about but never met. Dave said she’s exactly what he expected from the description we got. He said she’s fun but likes things the way she likes them and is not someone to cross. Apparently, we’re quite popular with charge nurses who aren’t charging. 🙂

We’re quasi-sightseeing right now, checking out a college pizza joint recommended by the new nurse. It’s totally cooler than we are, which we appreciate. A lot. We get to pretend we’re absorbing the local scene, not just driving from Ron McDonald to the hospital.

Okay, she’s on a roll! 3 lbs, 2 oz tonight. She gets cuter by the day, following our voices, smiling those gummy smiles when we laugh. I think she’s starting to put 2 and 2 together. She seems to love snuggling, and passes out on both of us – although we realized tonight that she always does tree frog pose on me (with one hand planted on my chest over her head), and scrunches up with her fists under her chin on Dave. Sweet. 🙂

We’re off to check out a piano bar called the Tavernacle for Dave’s bday. Don’t think we’ll last long, but it’s nice to get out! Goodnight, all.

13 thoughts on “Day 38

  1. Hey!

    I remembered this story a week or two back and realized I needed to tell you…

    When I was Director of that nonprofit in Utah helping families of children with special needs, we had a couple with a baby that was a premie. They had such a tough time finding small, adorable clothing for their little girl that they actually bought clothes from Build-A-Bear, sewed up the tail hole, and put them on their premie! That was their biggest complaint – that they didn’t make cute clothes small enough!

    Anyhow, all that is to say that you might have to be creative once Tess leaves the hospital.


  2. She’s too funny. Her fascination with her tounge is hilarious. Who would have known sticking a tounge out could be so cute? And her squeaky frog hiccups- I mean come on kid, can you be any cuter?

    • And they are LOUD! I mean, WOW! It startled me at first because she is simply not that big! And her whole body moves when she gets them! Totally agree, ridiculously cute!

  3. There are just not enough different ways to say how freakin cute she is!!! 🙂 And as for her tongue fetish.. hehe… just wait until she realizes that you have tongues, too! And she’ll be determined to grab it and pull it out and twist it every which way in an attempt to figure out what it is. haha!

  4. That Squeakups video is just *absurdly cute!* We love it! 😀
    Also love seeing Tess’ belly and cheeks starting to chub up! Just awesome!

    And Dave… that certainly is a haircut. No denying that. >__>

  5. Maggey and Dave,

    I love reading your updates and seeing this beautiful little bundle! What a joy each new ounce is! Tess will love this journal you are writing. She will get to recount all your loving words and all your loving actions!

    xo, all the Minahans

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