Day 37

Well, Tess had more firsts. We added a new primary, Sara. Sara is sweet, much sweeter than us but doesn’t seem to mind! She’s conscientious and really cares about Tess, and we really enjoy hanging out with her. Hits all the requirements. We’ve gotten in the habit of waiting for a primary to endorse a potential primary – and today Allie gave up a day with Tess because Sara requested her and “is so good!” done. 🙂

During our kangaroo time this afternoon, I played music for her for the first time. we started with mixed orchestral, then Bryn Terfel, and worked our way over to Alexei Murdoch. She seemed pleased, aka she slept through 98% of it.

At the end, we got a positive and a negative. Tess is looking slightly pale, and when we asked Jamie the NNP about it, she said it’s the post-transfusion slump. They’re still waiting for her body to produce, so this doesn’t mean anything serious, but we’re hyper vigilant now. Jamie said she’d keep an eye on it, which comforted us. She may need another transfusion, and she may just bounce back. Wait and see.

On a happier note, she also said we should be leaving a side of Tess’ isolette cover up, so she can start adjusting to a day/night schedule! AND we’re trying out 2.5 liters. That’s right. AND our beautiful kiddo is officially over 3 pounds!!!! Woo hoo!!! 3 lbs, 1 oz to be exact. Watch it, cousins – she’s gaining on ya. Tiny, tiny steps. Love!

4 thoughts on “Day 37

  1. Hallo dear family,
    I´m reading your reports each day and addicted to the pictures, but have´nt time to write each time.I´m glad that Tess is well and is growing and that you take so much time to stay with her.
    You´re a realy magnificent family!!
    When seeing the pictures, I can´t believe that Tess normaly wood be rolled in Katarinas belly dreaming 24 hours a day! She has´nt space enough in her nest and she is so cool letting her leg hanging outside and strechting her arms.
    Do you have contact with the other premes to compare how they´re doing?
    Have a good day!

  2. 3 pounds. That is great. I hope she keeps getting bigger and her health keeps improving. The videos are awesome. Wendy (my 8 year old daughter) loves watching them with me. She also loves the captions on the pictures. Keep up the good work. I read your updates every day they are a part of my routine. Tess is beautiful, I can not tell from the pictures what color her eyes are?

  3. Yeah for Tess… ! 3 pounds and growing. I read the blog everyday – sometimes twice a day.. Keep up the good work Dave and Maggey, I know you miss much needed sleep to complete it every night. You two are just awesome..

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