Day 33

Tess was really alert today. She’s back in ‘feeder and grower’ mode, which is deliciously boring. I held her for hours and she slept for ages, then cracked an eye open to make sure I was still there and went back to sleep. Repeat. She likes it when we cradle or chin her head – seems to help her sleep during kangaroo, but makes turning pages hard. Lol! Then she pooped on me while I was changing her – awkward in an isolette where you have to change everything and make sure it’s perfectly clean again through side access holes (the poor nurse had just finished alcohol-swabbing the whole thing!), but delightfully normal. I left with a smile.

We got our work done, ran a few errands, caught up on each other’s day, and did the normal couple stuff we would be doing at home. It’s just instead of timing the evening around dinner with friends or concert tickets, we time it around cares. Silver lining? We’re easing into parenthood from our unfettered DINK lives rather than being rudely thrown into it like all the normal people! Still, when I put Tess back in the isolette this afternoon, she hung onto my shirt like I was going to disappear. I know it’s a baby reflex, but man! It made me want to stomp my foot and demand an open bed for her! Don’t worry – we keep the irrational thoughts to ourselves.

Tess has graduated to isolette temp versus baby-specific temp. That means one less sensor stuck to her body. If she can keep gaining, it’s a move towards big baby body temperature maintenance. (Preemies have trouble staying warm.) Also, she’s officially on 3.5 liters of air. Yay! Turns out a lot can happen in a month. 🙂

Back home, the house construction has officially begun. Stella thankfully has a new place to stay with an older, more experienced sweet dog to calm her (thanks, Fable!). It’s weird to think about crazy stuff at home when staying at a ron mcd b&b (although I keep accidentally calling the hospital home!), but it’s exciting to think about what it may be when we get back. Thanks mom, max and patty!

Here, we’ll try to enjoy the green trees against the mountains until we can get back to the great lake we left behind.

4 thoughts on “Day 33

  1. I’m so glad to hear that things are back to an even-keel! I loved the video with the cold milk. “Ack! Brain freeze!” Super adorable!

    Also, get used to getting pooped on. I swear, Liam used to save up until I was halfway through changing his diapers, and then unleash all havoc on me. Kids have a funny sense of humor when they’re tiny.

  2. I adore preemie pics in those snugly little wrap things they alway sleep in. I have no clue what they are called, but I remember asking if we could take one home with us, or where they sold them. Then the nurses reminded me that once the kids were home they wouldn’t have the monitors (well, Hazel did for awhile), so they had to sleep on their backs without any blankets or cushions. It was so strange to get used to after all the snugly stuff they had in their isolettes. Oh, and getting used to babies without beeps was also an adjustment;)

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