Day 32

Day 32 of the Oplingers held hostage! Tess is a month old. Her IV is out, she’s almost up to full feeds again, and her cry sounds closer to that of a full-term newborn. She’s almost 2 lbs 13 oz, is 15 inches long, and I’m pretty sure she has already figured out her mouth should be in on the food action! Bottles and baths are coming up.

This morning we said goodbye to Max. Having him here felt so normal! The weekend shot by, but we know Patty and baby Liam will be happy to get him back. He brought lots of fun little baby things, including a book that will be put to use immediately. 🙂 Besides, having him so close and not being able to introduce him to Tess was killing us! He took it like a champ though.

Dave and I hung out with the fun nurses, read, and waited for the IV to come out. It felt as domestic as the NICU gets at this stage. After the parade of visitors, our homesick is wiped out for a while, and we’re enjoying the baby time and the budding but cold spring outside. We relaxed this afternoon and made plans for non-NICU projects in the future. Goofing off! I’m almost (almost!) ready for the workweek to start up again, fully completing the routine.

6 thoughts on “Day 32

  1. It was so good to be with you guys again! The whole weekend was really very nourishing for me, and not just because of all the delicious food. Patty and I are really looking forward to meeting little Tess in person, and I know Liam is going to love his new friend when they’re ready to be introduced.
    Keep up the amazing care that you’re taking of your little girl, and of each other!

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