Day 27

Well, Tess is breathing a little bit on her own, and I am finally breathing a little better, too, knowing she’s better. Her hands are wagging, she’s trying to suck on the vent tube like a pacifier, and she’s wiggling. She’s got huge goobers coming out of her chest, so they’re keeping her on the vent tonight so they can keep suctioning those out, but they’re thinking about taking her off tomorrow. And yes – a picc line will be going in, so she can get her antibiotics more comfortably.

We’ve been happily hanging out with the Oplinger clan, get our family fix, and try every brewery we can find. 🙂 it’s been great to have them here and have them drag us out of the NICU. So we saw the hunger games and grabbed a fun Czech dinner, and are headed for a glass of wine at one of our favorite haunts. All of that and I still got to be with Tess for most of the afternoon, comforting her during the suction sessions that appear to be no fun at all. It was a great balance of assuring ourselves that she was actually improving and enjoying our fabulous fam. Honestly, it was getting pretty hard to leave the NICU – so in glad I had such great inspiration!

We are so aware right now that Tess is a micro preemie. 12% of babies are born premature, and only 6% of those are born before 28 weeks. At 26w5d, She’s skipped a ton of terrifying roadblocks, so we can’t be mad about her finally getting a bug.

Still, every finger twitch makes us feel like our feisty little bug is coming back to us, and we can’t wait. Either can the nurses, apparently! They’re all so awesome. Every one has come in and looked fully pissed that after a few days off, Tess tanked. The nerve! Lol. We also found out today that 2 nurse practitioners self-selected As Tess’ primaries – and they’re ones we totally like. Yay! I think the number 1 make-or-break it for NICU days is whether or not one of our awesome primaries is on. I’m telling you – even with Tess so under the weather, they make us feel like she’s safe and in good hands – and send us home with a joke or funny story! we are grateful, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

All in all, we’re back to better days! Not
good yet, but definitely better. Thanks to all the huggers, texters, emailers – you are amazing and keep us going.

2 thoughts on “Day 27

  1. Hooray for family and news of improvement! We still stop by and visit a few of our old primaries. They really do fall for some of their babies (and parents!).

  2. I don’t even know where to begin with this message. First of all, thanks for posting! Second of all, OMG I really MUST meet the rest of the Oplingers!!! (I know there are even more… and yes, I mean that I want to meet all of them!) The photo of Dave and his Dad is AMAZING! So similar. Love it.
    Third of all (I know it’s not an expression, but why not?!), Maggey, is that a MASS you’re holding? With a beer that doesn’t look like a Weiss Bier?!! I think I’m impressed.
    Fourth of all (might as well continue with it, no?), I’m still crossing my fingers, pressing my thumbs, and praying with all my might for dear sweet Tess to feel more like herself ASAP!
    Lots of love to all of you,
    Jess xoxo

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