Day 23

Well, every Good Friday should start with an intermittent snowstorm, right? Thank goodness we told the Wisconsinites to bring coats! We went from freezing in the morning to warming in the afternoon – so a typical Utahn day.

But what a delicious day! We enjoyed the banter, laughter, cooing, sharing, introducing…I feel like we broke the seal on our salt lake city experience. It’s so cool to know that my family and Kat’s have seen each other, that a couple of our primaries now know some of the fabulous family members from our stories, and most importantly, that Tess just unknowingly met the Wemple sisters and dad! (Mom and Aunt Sue, for the few of you who haven’t heard stories.)

Kat sent me the cutest note this morning, saying how happy she was to see me BEAMING with mommy love and to see everyone else radiating it at Tess. There’s some hardcore love happening here, people. Getting a message like that in the morning can’t help but change the tone of a day. Thanks Kat!

Having visitors and a lockdown on work meant we had time for a little sightseeing. We checked out Temple Square and the great salt lake, and even walked through City Creek, the new mall. It felt downright civilized.

After a great day with people from home, we went in for some (mostly) dreamy baby time. The good news: Tess put on weight again and I got to hold her for 3 hours! The bad news: as we were pulling her out for kangaroo time, she erupted in spitup. Turns out she had a ton of air in her tummy, so she was a milk bomb waiting for the unsuspecting parents! Total bedding, isolette and tubing change.

Despite that, Dave and I spent a lovely evening tucked in with Tess, reading, and joking around with Lexie. It’s amazing how much homier it feels knowing the fam has been present in the hospital room. 🙂 We have this mental image of mom and Aunt Sue talking to Tess through the porthole. She’s already got ’em wrapped around her little finger!

Tess wrapped the evening up with a mondo dump, and we snuck out after cleaning her up again to pass out from happy exhaustion.

7 thoughts on “Day 23

    • Yes, you most certainly did! And a HUGE Thank-You for giving her to our family… she will never have a lack of love or support system! <3

  1. Rebecca- we think she’s the luckiest little girl! If only I could be adopted by your family 😉 you guys are AWESOME!

    • Seeing this conversation just gave me goosebumps. I love you guys! And Kat – let’s get this straight. We DID adopt you! You’re stuck with us. 🙂 And do you ever make cute kids! Lol

      • Here here! I second the adoption of Kat… Motion carried and confirmed!!! Haha! Kat- you’re totally stuck with us now. hehe! 🙂

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