Day 22

Uh oh. Our protectors are all gone at the same time! Of course on the days my parents are in town we’ve been taken out of our nice room with a view and 0-1 roomies and staffed by fantastic nurses, and stashed in a 3-baby room with no window and a nurse who made Dave feel like he shouldn’t touch the baby this morning. I know I sound like I’m going on a tear again, but all of the usual nurses and practitioners have spoiled us by teaching us how to take care of Tess and not to be intimidated by the setting. I understand that a nurse who hasn’t met us before doesn’t know that, but it’s frustrating to build a rapport with a great group of people and then have it all change.

First of all, I can hear Mom reading this and reminding me I hate change. It’s true. Second of all, I realized this morning that it’s Easter weekend. Ok – fine. So we’ll wait. There’s 150 nurses, and I’m sure we haven’t met all of the cool ones. Still, when we finally found some semblance of a routine, it’s hard to have it jarred.

But mom and dad are on a plane right now, on their way to SLC! This is the beginning of a 10-day whirlwind of beloved visitors, and Dave and I are chomping on the bit to see people. More importantly, to share Tess. No – they won’t be able to hold her or feed her or do any of the normal grandparent things – but someone other than us will meet our daughter. I’m realizing how dramatically happy that makes me. 🙂

So Dave was being a grumbly pants. This nurse isn’t our favorite but is very nice and clearly respectful of our desire to do everything we can. Tess is fine, and already independent! We’re on our way to meet mom and dad and dive into our 48 hours! They are also independent and went downtown, so we’re driving back across town for lunch with them before we bring them back to the hospital. Not what I planned, but this is the exciting and fun schedule shake-up! Family.

What an amazing day. I feel like we were starving for family! My parents brought Aunt Sue along as a surprise, and it made an incredible day even more special. Howling over dinner, making fun of the Vikings, and most importantly sharing Tess with people we love was just what the doctor ordered. All three (mom, dad and aunt sue) were amazed by how tiny and perfect she is, and felt the confines of the schedule. I know it’s dumb, but it was a relief to have outside people confirm that this is crazy chaos.

As a super bonus, Kat, Spencer and Micky popped into the NICU for a minute, so the families got to at least see each other face to face! Then Lexie, one of our favorite nurses, was on for the night. I can’t explain why, but having one of our fab primaries meet the rents was so exhilarating. For us, these people are our Utah friends, and the people we trust most with our child. They HAVE to meet the family. Besides, we’d love to drag Lexie back to the Midwest with us. Lol!

Suddenly, 3 months doesn’t feel like the end of the world. And Tess loved the company! She put on weight, and is now 1048g/2 lbs 5 oz – growing by the second.

So right now, this is bliss. I count myself lucky – for ALL of the people mentioned in this post and the ones reading it. Just a follow up to yesterday’s post? No one on here was referred to in that rant! You are fabulous friends and family, and I put all of the advice-givers in the wise and sharing category – not the simpering, judgy category. Consider yourself hugged. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Day 22

  1. So nice to see mom, dad, and Sue out there with you guys. Nice to see the big smiles on all of your faces!
    Enjoy the weekend together.

  2. How special! Maggey and Dave, you’re more and more inspiring by the day! Tess is such a lucky little girl to have so much love in her life!

  3. i love reading your blog-everyday! and i love that you’re posting videos now, too! tess is beautiful! you’re amazing parents! sendings lots of hugs and kisses!

  4. Oooooooo! So great to see you with your parents!!!!!! Great great great!

    Sorry, but I’m kinda laughing over here at your current NICU complaints because we came from a 50 bed NICU with 10 beds per pod. So in the high level care room Ben started in with the one-on-one nursing…well…you can imagine the number of peaceful, private moments. But I hear ya, too, because BOY does a private room make a difference! You can be you and be a family.

    Be on super high alert over holiday weekends. Most hospitals practically shut down. That’s when the nurses with seniority get to request their holidays so the less-experienced ones are around and they often float nurses in from other departments. Personally check all meds, dosages, name, time. 🙁

    That pic of grandpa peeking through the curtains is hilarious!!!!

  5. Super awesome that you get to show Tess off to the parents! And I am really enjoying the addition of video clips of Tess!!! LOVE how she covers her face when you pick her up, Dave… like she’s saying, “awww, Daaaaad! You’re embarrassing me!!!” lol – SO adorable!

    LOVE love Love you guys!!!

    P.S. I propose that we need a line-up of the STAR Nurses! With little tid-bits of info, catch-phrases?, code names (hehe!), random facts of interest about them, etc. 😀 !!!

  6. Only just catching up after Easter — “levitating nugget”?! hahahahaha! Good to see parenthood hasn’t changed your sense of humour Dave 😉
    Love the photos of the fam — but I must remember to wear waterproof mascara when looking at photos here! Love you all! xoxo

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