Day 18

Dave and I decided to take one morning off a week on Sundays, which would’ve worked better if we’d remembered to turn the alarm off! Still, we were so tired we fell back asleep and man! Did it feel good. We went to a fun new place for brunch (our date for the day had to reschedule), and then went to see our sweet little girl and attend rounds. She’s so stable and constant the doctor pretty much just shrugged. She’s at full, fortified feeds now, so we’re hoping she starts getting huge! Just not too fast – I feel like time’s going to go from slow to lightning speed.

This afternoon we wandered around a funky-looking mall in the old tram garage and bought Tess a couple of blankets for decorating the isolette. It may be silly, but buying baby things for a real, live feisty daughter helped make it all seem a little more real!

We both got to hold her today thanks to a solid weight gain and a renegade nurse :), so the daughter awe is extreme, as is the happy parental fatigue. this is not a regular treat – just a celebration that today was a good day.

Other than that, we’ve done so many clandestine bottle deliveries to Kat and Spencer’s side gate that we’re worried the cops are watching! We look absurd. Still, job well done!

All in all, everyone’s happy and healthy. See? Boring. Excellent. On to week 29 of baby development!





2 thoughts on “Day 18

  1. Grow Tess Grow!!!! When I logged on this morning I through, holy’s day 18 already? It seems like you and Dave got there yesterday! I’m happy that Tess is doing well and you both are able to be there and care for her. Seeing the photos today and going back to the beginning…what a difference! Your little girl is getting bigger 🙂

  2. Yay! Love that you got a bonus cuddle! Tess is UBER CUTE! And when Dave is holding her, she really does look like a “nugget” – lol – so adorable! (I want a little nugget!!!) So happy for you two!

    p.s. clandestine bail money on stand-by… ;-P

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