Day 14

Well, the panic has officially worn off. Dave hit snooze this morning and we almost missed morning cares! Turns out we’re as exhausted as we think we are. On our way out the door, the manager told us we could move to the second Ronald McDonald house, which used to be a b&b. So we ran to cares, ran back to pack and clean, went to the new house to register, ran back for rounds with the car packed to the gills, and after working for the afternoon (Dave – not me. I read a novel.), went back again to move into our semi-permanent SLC home. It was a bit of a free-for-all, but what a difference! We think the Ron McDonald houses in general are mind-blowingly needed/thoughtful/comforting (I could go on), but this one is full of windows and wood paneling. It’s beautiful! There’s trees outside our windows, and the neighborhood looks perfect for walks, assuming we can ever be here when it’s light out. AND another NICU mom from our hospital is saying there! I’m going to attempt to make friends, as thus far we really only socialize with the nurses. They’re pretty amazing though!

Aside from the housing, today was pretty standard. Tess still needs oxygen, so they’re building her feeds up slowly to allow her some adjustment time. Aside from that, we’re hoping the IV can come out tomorrow (no picc maybe!). She’s still adorable and cranky when you wake her. We’re in love! (god knows Dave knows how to deal with a cranky woman – he doesn’t even look suitably impressed when she complains! (Tess I mean – he always looks suitably impressed when I complain!)

Our favorite nurse is away on vacation for the next few weeks, and we already miss her. She’s funny and incredibly sweet with the baby and us. Hearing about her son’s hockey exploits keeps us in stitches, which you need in here. There’s currently a really sick baby in the NICU, and you can tell it weighs in the staff a lot. These people put their hearts and souls into caring for so many fragile, helpless little people. It’s amazing to know that one struggling baby impacts so many people, despite the quantity of babies that come through here.

We went out for a grown-up dinner and then came back for evening cares. Kat and Spencer came by for the 6pm cares, and left the hat Kat knit while on bedrest! So cute. Thanks guys! Then Dave got surprise kangaroo care, and they’re talking about making it a daily occurrence. Daily kangaroo! My heart might explode. Dave may beat me to it. Lol

So our strange little Utah life continues. Today seemed to be a bit of a turning point in that it actually felt routine. We’re admiring these beautiful trees everywhere covered in blossoms against the backdrop of the mountains, making friends at our cafe, the House and the hospital – but we miss our families, friends, dog, house and life back home. So keep missing us back! It makes it easier somehow. 🙂



5 thoughts on “Day 14

  1. Smiles!!!! Soooo cute. So cute!!!

    Cuddle time every day?! Too good to be true. And believe it or not eventually you’ll get to hold her whenever you want, without any strings attached, and no timer. Craaaaazy! Hahahha.

    Hey, did you ever get an official hospital tour? Have you connected with social work? They are the people who coordinate discharge but also know all the resources for families. Nothing more frustrating than finding out about services and resources the day after discharge. Like discounted parking. Free meals for breast feeding moms. Parents lounges. Parent library. Perchance office space with Internet access. Sleeping rooms. Discounts in the cafeteria. Check it out.

    Did I give you the wedding band bracelet assignment yet? If so, you’re late! If not, you must get a pic of Tess wearing your ring like a bracelet. It’s a premie thing. Like THE iconic premie picture. If your rings won’t fit on her as bracelets then she’s just not THAT premie. 😉

    Assignment: BFF those other NICU parents…in your house and any others you meet and EXCHANGE MOBILE NUMBERS and bed numbers and names for your kids. That way you can watch each others backs. And it’s fun to gossip. 😉

    Cheers you guys! Glad you’re settling in.

    PS – I laughed out loud about your tv show. I can’t remember the last time I watched something on TV. Thank god for Netflix and Hulu.

  2. I’m so happy that things are going well for the three of you. I have been reading every day and look forward to watching Tess grow strong and both of you grow as parents. It’s amazing how things fall into a routine, even if it’s not normal new parent routine. I remember driving back and forth to the NICU for cares and didn’t want to miss a single one so I crammed as much into that short time as I could but if I missed something, oh well! Cares and cuddles were more important.

  3. That precious smile! I already could tell Tess has a great sense of humor. Just look how she has orchestrated events since March 15. She has everyone jumping through hoops just for her! Heh-heh. She will fit right in with the rest of the clan. I’m so jazzed about Tess’s progress. Can’t wait to see her. Dave no longer looks scared to death when he holds Tess. New digs with a little more privacy will help to normalize life for you both. Cheers, hugs, and kisses all around. See yu soon.

  4. Such a beautiful little smile! I’m glad Tess is smiling and giggling for you – that really warms my heart, so I can imagine it makes yours soar!

    You’re definitely missed here at home, very excited to see you soon!

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