Day 12

Well, we’re in the third trimester! Geez – puts things in perspective, huh? Dave likes to call Tess ‘the fetus’ when he’s being obnoxious, but we do have to keep in mind that she’s not supposed to be in the world yet. Hopefully that will help us contain our impatience for her to heal, eat, grow, handle touch better – you know, be a big kid.

I can’t say I’m anxious about the heart echo results as no one can even hear a murmur now, but it’s nice to have proof. I want them to be able to ramp up her feedings again. Our poor kid’s hungry! That’s also the only way she’ll get her IV out, and she’s getting edema from them that looks quite uncomfortable. We call it her popeye arm. We love having our primary nurses on because they’re so good at checking the IVs and yanking them immediately if they go south.

It’s quite blustery in SLC today. I wish we could curl up with our pumpkin somewhere cozier than the NICU! Watching wind blow across this geological trough is almost as impressive as seeing the sun hitting the mountains. Still, the latter’s more fun. We keep thinking the time for coats has passed us by (wishful thinking because we didn’t bring any), and then a day like today comes around and we think twice! I’m just glad Tess isn’t out in this – see? Sunny side.

First of all, we waltzed into NICU ward D and our kid’s room only to discover that she had a new address. Tess got upgraded to the C pod! Our buddy Karyn informed us that means she’s considered less critical. We are SO okay with that. 🙂

Then to top that, her PDA is completely gone! Rock. Star. Today is off to a fabulous start.

We got back from an awesome family dinner at Kat’s mom’s house (thanks all!) in time to do cares. On that note, we feel seriously honored by how welcoming and kind this whole family is, and that they’re going out of their way to include us and let us get to know them. At any rate, turns out little miss amazing gained weight and hit 1000 grams!!!! That’s officially past her birthweight of 980. To quote Adam, “YEAH!!” So glad Kat and Spencer were here to mark the differences. 🙂 Other than that, she was passed out cold. An echocardiogram, a new IV, new tape on the cannula and more food today have done her in!

3 thoughts on “Day 12

  1. I am so happy every morning to find that your NICU roller coaster keeps climbing. May it never make its way down.

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