Daddy can write too

(Maggey is under water with work right now so…  um… “Hi!”  This is the result of someone trying to win hubby/daddy points!)

Tess had her first development checkup yesterday and she did AWESOME!  It was so great to watch a new doctor, new PT, and two new nurses have their world view changed.  First, the fact that Tess was ok was something that took them a good 5 minites of asking the same questions over and over until they just gave in to the fact that things are not always tragic.

N: “So when has she been sick since being released?” …

D: “She hasn’t.”

N: “No no really.”

D: (silence and smiles).

N: “So she is adopted; are you going to tell her about her birth mother?”

D: “Parents.”

N: “What?”

D: “Birth parents.  Plural. They are amazing and she will know everything as soon as English/French makes any sense”

N: “That is a noble thing to do”

D: “Thank you but, it is actually the right thing for everyone.”

N: “Oh”


Yeah, we had a great time.  Tess is doing fabulously, but we didn’t realize that she needs to be doing tummy time for half the time that she is awake.  HALF!?! That is a lot of screaming, but on the up side, they gave us a bunch of homework on different ways to do tummy time that will trick her into thinking that she isn’t actually doing it.  So, let the games begin I suppose!

My parents are coming to visit, so the Moplinger and Poplinger will finally get some Tess time.  It is going to be AWESOME!

(Can you capitalize ‘awesome’ twice in one post) And now for some cute pictures!


3 thoughts on “Daddy can write too

  1. Wow, Tess just does not quit with the adorable! Way to rock that tummy time!

    It must have felt all kinds of good to brag to the doctor about how healthy she’s been. You guys have done just an amazing job looking out for her health!

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