Crazy town

Today was pretty much chaos from morning til night. On the plus side, we managed to eat a home-cooked family dinner and both get work done. We also got Tess’ appointments scheduled and gave her a bath. Other than that, it was a free-for-all! I never thought the words, “This is when having experience as a shepherd counts,” would ever logically fit into a conversation, to give that some perspective.

I think maybe the crazy came from overreaching – trying to do a little too much at a time. Still, Tess is lying in her bassinet and quietly watching me as I type this. We must be doing something right for her to be calm and happy!

We’ve officially got one week under our belts today, and while we’re tempted to throw ourselves at Milwaukee with abandon, we have to pace ourselves. Fortunately, we’re surrounded by supportive, kind people! One of my coworkers was teasing me for being available at 5am this morning by email. I used to ask her why she was up at that hour. She has a toddler. Now I know!

Tess is gaining weight – just a bit slowly. She’s getting more comfortable with tummy time, and actually enjoyed her bath tonight! The nighttime sleeping is improving, and I think we’re all adjusting to our at-home schedule. Even the laundry! Here’s hoping the next week brings us a fatter baby! We’ve got a lot of medical this week – 3 appointments. So hopefully we’ll have some good news on her weight and eyeballs. We’ll keep you posted! A special shout out to our nurses: we haven’t forgotten you! We’re just pooped. Updates coming! Goodnight from crazy town.

3 thoughts on “Crazy town

  1. Tess is now 3 months!!!!
    and she looks pretty good, I mean also her weight. Not every baby must look like Budda. She is right now a newborn baby and you know babys grow in steps. Think about that newborn babys can have between 6 and 9 pounds. Aniko had 6 pounds and she was perfect.
    Tess left the NICU behind her, maybe you can do this too (I know, it will take time).
    Maybe it´s easier, when you think about the Nicu as time of being pregnant. Now the birth is behind you and you came home with a normal baby, that is growing and learning new things every day …..
    TESS is strong and she “makes” and goes her way! And when you feel unsafe, think about the meaning of her name

  2. Tummy time rocks! … except for the crinkly seaweed thing >>> I foresee an accident … involving scissors … hehehe! ;-P

    LOVE the videos! Keep them coming! Hugs!

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