Christmas partying

Working, shopping, teething, partying, eating, forgetting to eat, staying up too late and getting up too early; wrapping presents, warming up next to a fire, catching up with friends, making new ones, laying eyes on family after months (months!) apart, having brunch, admiring snow, gobbling up baby time, perusing Christmas photos…yep, it’s December. Our house is in progress, out daughter’s the best thing that ever happened to us, we’re in love and love our jobs. How lucky are we?

Today is our down day in the last major holiday haul; post-parties and pre-Christmas, I feel like I’m trying to cram all of that Hallmark time into a few short hours. So far, it’s working like a charm.

Dave was working and Tess went down for her nap, which inspired me to do something decadent: I got back into bed and snoozed in the firelight, resulting in an unbelievable hour of bliss. Oh, let me be clear: I did not have time for napping under the covers. The errand list is overtaking my little grey cells. Still, I find we are our worst enemies when it comes to granting ourselves permission to actually enjoy the holidays. I stood up to my extensive list and joyfully said

Bah! Humbug.

as I snuggled into that duvet. We have to take those freedoms when we can!

At a few neighborhood holiday gatherings, people commiserated about our lack of holiday decorations on a street twinkling with lights from one end to the other. (Sweet, kind people! They assumed it’s related to the construction and not just laziness.) We simply decided to spend our decorating time at mom’s with family rather than decking our half-finished halls. We spend Christmas there, and it means the world to mom. (I think?) That choice is a no-brainer this year. Next year, we’ll be pulling out the stops because Tess will be full of Christmas wonder, where this year it’s more blurry beauty and drool. Don’t get me wrong – that kid loves her trees (Sassy’s trees). But next year she’ll be into it. Also, we just got all our Christmas decorations back from mom’s basement. I’ve been joking that she couldn’t bear the nakedness of our dark holiday house, so every year, despite my protestations, she sneaks some Christmas in. Well, I’m now the proud owner of an assembly of wreaths in a multitude of heavenly finishes: sparkly, rustic, green, red, beribboned, soft, modern and classic. I even have fruit – fake apple and berry versions. The mini Christmas tree collection is only slightly overshadowed by this wealth of door and window dressing. (Due to sheer quantity, you can also expect them to serve as table toppers…for the huge dinner I need to have to use them all! :)) Don’t even get me started on all of the beautiful, mismatched stockings. I might deck every mantle we have. Who doesn’t love stockings?!

With such a wealth of low-effort supplies (god bless mom), we selected the lit twig tree as this year’s tree to open presents under. It’s fabulously adorable and absurd. All of that to say that when our house glows with holiday madness next winter, don’t bother calling me. We’re using it all intentionally – matching or not! 🙂

The afternoon is drawing to a close, and when Tess wakes up we’re off to hang out with the fam, my favorite holiday activity. Knowing the tree is glowing softly (snort!), the presents are wrapped (Dave used bright yellow paper), and our groceries aren’t bought (who doesn’t want to shop on Christmas Eve?), we’ll enjoy a quiet evening out in a fancy restaurant (the silver spring house takes kids!). Christmas is, as always, a fabulously good time – and that’s no joke. Merry merry.

One thought on “Christmas partying

  1. Merry Christmas! It was so much fun to see Tess in her adorable little Christmas elf outfit – Liam certainly could not possibly get enough hugs in.
    We had so much fun with you guys and the Whites this weekend – it definitely felt like Christmas done right this year!

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