Chilling in the heat

Dave and Sam (his brother) actually got up before the crack of dawn to go fishing this morning, so I had a disorienting wake-up to baby crying and no husband – disorienting because that usually means said hubby has gotten up to feed said child. Not today, Galvatron. So Tess and I greeted our weekend with mild confusion followed by quiet enjoyment of a girls’ day at home. I got some work done, some projects done, kept Tess happy, gave her a bath…and then got distracted. You see, Tess normally freaks a tiny bit in the bath. Nothing major, but I wouldn’t say she relaxes and enjoys it. Today she seemed pretty relaxed; happy even. I wondered what she’d do if I took her out of her swaddle and infant bath seat. Holding her firmly, I laid her head back and let her do a very supported back float in the few inches of water. She seemed a bit shocked, but then totally let go! It was kind of cool, and will be repeated on days when she seems up for adventure. Let the bathtub swim lessons begin!

Other than that, it was a lame Saturday in the eyes of anyone who gets more sleep than me. I picked up the CSA (more corn, god help us!) and the boys came home early (probably due to the muggy temperature). Quiet nights are endearing themselves more to me by the week!

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