Bringing kids on a work trip

This week, we’re in Florida for work. Are you smirking at me yet? Rolling your eyes at that preposterous idea? Fair. But it’s true.

Manny the magnificent came with. Nope – it starts sooner than that. She made lists, did laundry, and packed our posse up for this grand adventure. AND came with. We love her. And she worked, and we worked! And when she was off, she was playing in the surf with our munchkins, and it made me miss her already. But that’s for another day.

Dave parked himself, giant headphones and laptop out, at the windows in the living room, never to move again. I closed the door to our room and hunched over my own keyboard, to tackle a list no one could get done in a week but I had to try – because I made it. And we whittled away at our to-dos as the waves lapped the beach below.

Don’t get me wrong! Our hours were wacky; coffee consumption quadrupled. But work did get done, coworkers hung out, and music was made.

And family was seen! Kat, Micky, Kerna and Kaelle were an absolute must visit. Dave, Tess and Remy spent a day with them and they couldn’t stop talking about it. I don’t know who was more excited. Sassy and Poppi and the beach and the pool and sunsets and car trips and Florida remains their favorite place.

Some of my immediate family is curious about how kids feel about having an unusual family structure. For them so far, it’s just how it is! Someday they will have a lot of questions for all of the parents involved, but for now they are thrilled to see their families – all of them. And all of us are already looking forward to the next time we can get together.

And as tricky as it is to bring them on a work trip, it worked out beautifully.

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